Xbox 'thief' is Xbusted

An Xbox marked the spot where a Bronx man stockpiled a treasure trove of pilfered electronics, police said.

Jeremiah Gilliam, 22, was caught after playing a stolen game console online -- allowing cops in Pelham, where it was stolen, to trace the IP address to his grandmother's address, cops said.

There, detectives found dozens of video games, laptops, and GPS devices believed to have been stolen from as many as 200 car break-ins and several home burglaries in Westchester County.

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mrv3213220d ago

Don't you just love the media? They mostly go after the minorities. Personally I don't think a picture should be posted afterall it's not the picture who does the crime it's the person.

In my country the media attack minorities more than you'd believe luckily the BBC provides a semi-decent escape.

While him getting caught is a great thing... I really do I am just looking at this article as a whole. My favorite thing is when newspapers have lines such as

'Asian Immigrant', surely the term immigrant would surfice or better yet 'someone who came to this country to help it's economu'

Or the worst is when they find it necesory to point out someones origins in crime unless they are white. A white man is no different to an Asian one... to why is their origin so important?

Ninji3220d ago

You're looking for something that isn't there. QQ

Light Yagami3220d ago

I agree with Ninji. You make me sick. Im writing you on my notebook.

mrv3213220d ago

I am hardly racist. I believe strongly in equality. I doubt true equality can ever be reached BUT I don't for one second believe one race is inferior to another... except fanboys.

I am not looking for something that isn't there. It's in my local newspaper everyday to such an extent that I refuse to read it.

I couldn't care which nationality it's the crime that's importsnt.

wwedx3220d ago

If it was a white man they Would of Never of posted the pic. But since its Any-other color they post the pic.

kaveti66163219d ago

Now hold on. I see where you're going with this, but you cannot make this judgment based on one ore two observations.

table3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

The man is criminal and they posted his picture. woopty fricken do. Next you'll be telling us how the film avatar is racist like that awful sensationalist article by the telegraph suggested.

jimbone3219d ago

I'm white and I have had my picture posted after I did some dumb stuff when I was younger and got arrested.Then I went on the run while on probation. They had my picture in the paper and on the news, don't tell me "they only get the Black Man". When I was locked up people said the same thing "damn them white folks", all I could do was laugh and look at my skin then ask, Were do I sign up to become part of these "white folks"?, because some didn't tell them I was white. Criminals get punished Black or White, their pictures are also posted Black or White. If you don't want it posted don't do crimes, and don't try to say its only the black man.

mrv3213219d ago

I know people commit crime rather than. But in the media where I live immigrants are regulary targeted as the 'crime lords' and while you may disagree you are welcome to your opinion after all... what you said had no effect on mine.

The media go after immigrants and minorities to sell papers and improve ratings

check out this channel you might be shocked

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snipermk03220d ago

I hope he rots in jail. Theft is not to be taken lightly.

pimpmaster3220d ago

hoestly, over 200 break-ins, people like this should just be executed by guillotine.

sunnygrg3219d ago

That is kinda harsh, but he will spend a considerable amount of his time in prison.

Sarcasm3219d ago

I understand some folks who resort to doing theft because they're in a tight spot, but really... 200 break-ins?

iamtehpwn3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Playstation Thief: It Only steal Everything.

snipermk03219d ago

Good one there dude.

I think death is a bit harsh. I think he deserves to have his hand chopped off for 200 break ins

Jamescagney3219d ago

Lol at the n4g Kangaroo Court :P

Off with his head!

3219d ago
3219d ago
ForROME3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Your a freaking idiot, your the kind of person I want to throw in jail for opening their mouth and being naive and ignorant

Has nothing to do with minorities, hes a dam thief and a serial one at that, chop his dam hands off and toss his ass in jail

and the day hes released, Ill rob his ass to remind him

UnSelf3219d ago

lol i live right across the street from there

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Ether3219d ago

"Xbusted"? Xbusted?

Thats the best they could think of?

Sheikh Yerbouti3219d ago

"Police Box in the XBox Bandit"

Briefcase Joe3219d ago

Someone already posted the story a few days ago.

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