VGChartz: PlayStation 3 Game of the Year Awards 2009

Time to go over the VGChartz staffers' choices for the best PS3 games of 2009, and if you play your cards right VGChartz might just let you know the reader choice awards as well.

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Mo0eY3219d ago

In my opinion, Modern Gliltchfare is WAY overrated and overhyped. Since there weren't so many shooters worthy of it this year, my hat and vote goes to Killzone 2 as FPS of the Year, but to each his own.

-Alpha3219d ago

I mean, the game was promised to be a Halo Killer and sweep everybody off their feet but PS3 gamers are playing CoD much more.

It's unfortunate because K2 is a great game. But I was listening to someone on CoD4 talk about how he just didn't like how the game played. To each his own.

Regardless, MW2 is a great shooter too.

They offered a strong multiplayer with more changes than I anticipated (they actually overhauled it compared to WaW), they had an action packed story though it was short, but best of all, they had co-op the ONE thing K2 was sorely missing.

In comparison, the story wasn't any better in K2 (it's a shooter so no surprise), the MP was great but of course different, and it lacked co-op which a lot of people wanted.

So I really don't mind MW2 winning. This is THEIR GOTY, and everybody will have a different opinion. It doesn't mean one is more right than the other, as long as we all enjoyed what we played in the end.

Obama3219d ago

"the game was promised to be a Halo Killer" Well it did kill ODST so that is not entirely invalid. Besides it's a great game that got 91 average in reviews.

SiteNblog Defender3219d ago

Killzone is also overhyped. Four years in the making and it didn't even win best graphics. Naughty Dog >>>> Guerilla Games

SoapShoes3219d ago

Who cares that more PS3 owners are playing COD? That doesn't make the game better than Killzone 2. Killzone 2 was/is a better game than COD and even Gamespot recognized this. Not that MW2 is bad, but it did nothing.

-Alpha3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )


ODST is largely considered an slightly extended DLC. It is, therefore, incomparable to Killzone 2 which is a full fledged game.

And the fanboys hyped Killzone 2 to outdo Halo 3, ODST wasn't around/focused on as much at that time.

Also, even if I were to accept the faulty notion that K2 killed ODST, it would still be false: Halo is still going strong, ODST profited plentiful, and sales were great for ODST. Doesn't seem like K2 killed ODST at all. If you are talking about scores, then that is petty because games always outscore other ones but no one ever says game X "kills" game Y, and by scores logic, MGSIV and GTAIV kills all this generation, but surely that's not true.

And yes, Killzone 2 is a great game but nowhere was it the game that fanboys hyped it to be in terms of popularity, sales, and being a defining game for the PS3 FPS genre.

Now, in relation to this article, Killzone 2 vs. MW2 is a fair fight, and the winner can go either way. Killzone 2 lacked co-op while MW2 had it, and MW2 lacked a long story while Killzone 2 had it.

They are both debatable, but ultimately the choice for FPS is not as clear cut as something like GOTY (even though my GOTY was Demon's Souls)


Gamespot is not a dictator, nor is their OPINION dictating of a fact. These "nominations" and "year end awards" people give out are all personal and diversified. There is no clear winner because everybody has their opinion on which was the best of the best.

You try to state K2 was better (that is your opinion, not fact) and you try to appeal to a popular authority as if it has any authority over this issue. Just because dGamespot said K2 was the best FPS of the year doesn't make it so because I can use that same faulty appeal to authority and source numerous sources appointing MW2 as FPS of the year. Sorry my friend, but Gamespot's opinion is just as good as anybody else.

I also never said just because more people played COD that it was better.

MazzingerZ3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Yeah, MW2 is awesome that's why is taking game of the year everywhere....first was overhyped to be GOTY and now people is happy that it gets FPS of the year...the game is still patched week after week LOL

Seriously, who cares about a site like VGchartz? their job is to report sales numbers...look at the presentation of the page for their VG awards...looks like a protoype

The funny in all this are 2 things:
1. If you check that page, you see VGChartz PS3 owners posting wondering where the heck is inFAMOUS and how the hell could MW2 win over K2.
2. People in this thread says Gamespot is not an authority (gave K2 OVERALL FPS of the year) but in the other hand are defending VGVhartz' opinion as if it really counted like Gamespot's LOL

thereapersson3219d ago

You have a crapload of disagrees, and it isn't because of PS3 fanboys.

sikbeta3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )


Why choose COD MW1.4.9 over KILLZONE 2?

And for Best Downloadable Content:

HUGE WIPE OUT HD FURY > everything


Interwebz hype =/= real world

Never think in KZ as a Halo Killer and why it has to be a Halo Killer, IMO the 2 franchises are on different leagues, being FPS games is not enough

COD and MoH were on the same league before MW and with the new MoH game both are going to be in the same league as always

@SiteNblog Defender

GG or ND, You want to know who is the REAL WINNER?

All of the Sony First Party Devs have to push the boundaries with new games, so PS3 owners are the Real Winners

Gamers FTW!!!

BattleAxe3219d ago

I think that if Killzone 2 had sold 4 million copies in one week like MW2 it would have won Best FPS of the Year, because remember this is VG charts we're talking about.

KZ 2 is one of the highest quality FPS games of all time.

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FrankWest3219d ago

Great to see Flower receiving the recognition it deserves

A Cupcake for Gabe3219d ago

Yeah, I hope thatgamecompany will make an expansion or sequel. Maybe with even photorealistic graphics this time around. Something a little more amazing.

astronautbread3219d ago


atleast one site realizes how damn awesome/important that game is.


no to sequel. that's not how this works. a new game from thatgamecompany is coming though.

i can't wait

Mo0eY3219d ago

Until now, I have never noticed how much the PS3 has dominated the year. I know this is a centralized PS3 awards list, but HOLY CRAP. All of these games are in their own league. Demon's Souls is FRESH AND INVIGORATING. Flower is innovative and crisp. Uncharted 2 is hands down the most cinematic and epically proportioned game I've played. Killzone 2 is bar-none the most fun FPS of the past 2 years.

I could go on about the other lists, but it's quite clear that the PS3 took the cake in 2009. Of course, the fat princess ate it.

3219d ago
TheTeam063219d ago

I've been noticing a lot of people getting hyped up for The Last Guardian. Probably because of the developer's past works on the PS2. Personally, mine is God of War III.

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