Demon's Souls Strategy Guide: The Boletarian Palace

Demon's Souls is as unforgiving as it is beautiful and innovative, to the help with the former GamerSydrome is here to help lend a hand with some tips and strategy that may very well keep you from breaking your controller against a nearby wall.

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-Alpha3218d ago

There are millions of guides out there -_-

Though I will say, this game is my GOTY!

I love devouring Demon Souls. The Tower Knight was mighty delicious when I finally kicked his iron ass.

BabyColada3218d ago

You're right on both accounts, there are plenty of guides and this is my GOTY as well. I like to think this one's different because I wrote it. And that makes it amazing. Possibly life changing. Once you're finished reading it I guarantee you will leave a better person. And before people get all disgruntled, that was sarcasm. Maybe I'll add something to Part 2 to help it stand apart from the strategy guide crowd.

Oh, and I had to use the ranged strategy for defeating the Tower Knight, but it felt good when I finally fired off what felt like the thousandth arrow and saw him croak.

darkvenom3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

finally have Demon's Souls,and i have to say this game is AWESOME!,the only problem i ran into was when some a$$hole invaded my game and tried to kill me but he failed....we both died by falling off a cliff while fighting. : (