Mass Effect 2 Development Director Dorian Keiken Interviewed interviews Mass Effect 2's Development Director, Dorian Kieken of BioWare. He discusses the desire to have a slicker game with better flow and more shooter-type feel, which required a lot of changes to inventory, ammo, weapon overheating, and the UI in general. The game has also upped the exploration side with more direct control of the ship, fuel limits, and more detailed and varied planet side environments.

A link to the complete interview in MP3 Audio is at the end of the article.

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qwerty-13218d ago

Can't wait for this game... But I think I should stop reading these things, as they will ruin the WOW fact for me.

Starting ME2 blackout NOW.

TenSteps3218d ago

I'm not good with dates and I want to make sure I replay ME at least a week before this one comes out.

green3218d ago

US - 26th of january
Europe - 28th of january.

Cornrow3215d ago

Hi 357, remember to keep you save games from the first ME cause you will be able to import them.

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LostCypher113218d ago

Anytime I hear anything new about this game I get an instant hard on. it's better then Porn

3218d ago