Top 10 Xbox 360 Achievements of the 00s

GamingPub writes: "I spent most of my time before the holiday season browsing the internet for something interesting. It might be an exaggeration, you tell me, but I discovered approximately 142,157 top 10 lists for 2009. In addition, maybe 528,403 top 10 lists for the decade. I could be wrong; feel free to correct me. So I decided to make my own top 10 list. Why not? Seems to be all the rave as of late. But, I typically like doing things that nobody has tried. And furthermore, I always get really turned on when I see a game with an unbelievable list of achievements. So it only made sense to make my top 10 list about the greatest achievements of the 2000s. It was as natural for me as silicone on Pamela Anderson, coke on Lindsay Lohan's kitchen counter, or text messages from porn stars in Tiger Woods' phone. (By all means, feel free to use any simile you like.) Let's do it."

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VladimirK3216d ago

Funniest I think I've seen is in Darkest of Days.

Horse Puncher - 100G
Punch a horse in the face, killing it.

mcerro3216d ago

LOL HORSE PUNCHER! Wow that is a great achievement. Only 100G? If you punch a horse, minimum 500G. C'mon now.

HolyOrangeCows3215d ago

"The Bigger They Are… – Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths"

This one felt rewarding.

LegendZelda3216d ago

Good list. Untouchables on Left4Dead is extremely hard. It is the only one I could not get on the game.

Nice article

creeping judas3215d ago

The one I'm most proud of is "1,000,000 online credits" on Forza2. Took me about 71 hours of online racing to get this!!!

mcerro3215d ago

Didn't even think of that one. Like I said, if you get 1 million anything in a video game, it is cause to celebrate.

Pumbli3215d ago

Even 1 million credits in Lego Star Wars? :P

mcerro3215d ago

Okay maybe not every 1 million haha

3215d ago