Top 10 Xbox 360 Game Soundtracks of All Time

From the PlanetXbox360 feature list:

"Video games have taken on a life of their own. They can show us things that we could never dream of, giving us compelling and visceral narratives that books and films couldn't necessarily offer the gaming community. But while these experiences are endowed with a unique quality in regards to gameplay and graphics, there is an aspect that is at times overlooked, which many games hinge their entire livelihood upon. For many titles, music defines the game. After all, an entire genre has been built around the concept. But, music titles aside, I'm talking about games where the soundtrack serves to immerse the player into the game, drowning them in the universe that the developers created. When this is accomplished, it significantly enhances the experience of the game itself, propelling a title that may have just been good to amazing. Thus, I present our top ten choices for video game soundtracks of the HD era - with attached YouTube videos."

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fafoon3217d ago

The Xbox aint got 10 Top Games
So they write an Article about
Top 10 Xbox 360 Game Soundtracks
And the Soundtracks are Crap too
Desperate times for the 360

UltimaEnder3217d ago

Wow your cool, cough fanboy cough - look at sales numbers goofball!

The Iron Sheik3217d ago

Look at the sales numbers? That sounds like a fanboy response. People who live in glass houses... you know the rest.

havikzero3217d ago

According to this there are 736 xbox 360 games

frjoethesecond3217d ago

I'm a ps3 fan and i'm still compelled to tell you how sh!t you are.

Sunny_D3217d ago

Yeah me too. There's no need for that.

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UltimaEnder3217d ago

Gotta love soundtracks, they really can make a game better.....nice list!

Traveler3217d ago

I love the soundtrack in Halo 3 and ODST. They have some of the best game music ever. I also really loved the soundtrack in Uncharted 2.

Traveler3217d ago

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the Mass Effect soundtrack was also one of the best ever.

Skip_Bayless3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I think the game makes the most out of the soundtrack. You have to play the game to be able to experience the full effect. I think Fallout 3 has the best here. I like songs with lyrics. DMC4 has a good song. Mirrors Edge has a good song. Orange Box is good too.

kewlkat0073217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

....The most next-gen underrated JRPG..Ha! "Nobuo Uematsu" is Da Man.

One of the saddest/teary tracks in the game.

+1 for Star Ocean: Lost Hope "Motoi Sakuraba" is as well, very gifted.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - Tears in the Sun Make a Rainbow

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - Skyward Bound

green3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I certainly agree, Lost Odyssey does have an awesome soundtrack. After playing Lost Odyssey, i vowed never to listen to reviews again and simply buy games that interst me instead of listening to someone elses opinion.

One question. Is Star Ocean the last hope as good as Lost Odyssey?I do need another great JRPG fix but don't know if i should just wait for FF13.

kewlkat0073216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

The story is pretty good, it has some annoying characters but it's pretty good game overall.

The music is one of Motoi Sakuraba's best(similar to "Infinite Undiscovery" with the chords and strings).

The Battle system is one of the reason I continue to play. It is very fun. The battle can be very long and drawn out, for some of the bosses. As far as the different worlds you go to it's beautiful game.

If you play JRPG's, I'd def recommend. Remember, the battle system is set in an arena where you control your characters individually but it's like free roaming which is nice as you can sneak up on foes and "blindside" attack them...etc Lost Odyssey is more your traditional [turn-based] style JRPG.

You'll be putting some hours in it as well. Anyhow I'll finish it before FFXIII comes out and I just picked up "Last Remnants" seems mediocre so far but it was $ I'm not used to putting my party into individual units and controlling them during a battle.

green3216d ago

thanks a lot. Star Ocean the last hope is pretty cheap in the UK, so i might just get it. Was never into JRPG's but playing Lost Odyssey just felt like an epic event. Amazing on every level and i just don't want to play a bad JRPG that will put me off. Thats the reason why i skipped Infinite Undiscovery and The last Remnant.

Over the past months, i even came to the conclusion that apart from FF13, i will not play any other JRPG until Sakaguchi (cant remember his full name of mistwalker) releases his next JRPG for the 360.

Was really happy to hear a few weeks ago that he will shead some light on his next project early next year. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be LO2 or a game as good or even better than LO for the 360.

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Sangria3217d ago

No Hitman Blood Money, fail. Jesper Kyd always make fantastic work with soundtracks, he is one of my favorite composers.

Valkyrie833217d ago

Oh I loved that music, I wonder what he is working on these days; can't disagree with most of the choices though, cept no ODST....

Sangria3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Considering he made the OST of Kane & Lynch, no doubt he's working on Kane & Lynch 2. He also made Assassin's Creed soundtrack and as Ubisoft is planning a third episode, he will certainly work on it as well.
Eidos confirmed a new Hitman game was in the work, so Jesper Kyd must be on it too.
And apparently according to his website he worked on Borderlands soundtrack, as Gearbox trademarked "Borderworld", it is possible he is working on this sequel.

Jesper Kyd must be a very busy (and rich) man :)

hoplo3217d ago

A great or terrible soundtrack can make or break a game. Thanks!

PepperJack3217d ago

i gotta say skate and madden

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