Best Buy's after Christmas video game sales

From Gamertell:

"If you go out and, for many, brave the snow, to get Sunday's newspaper, you'll find a plethora of store ads declaring fantastic after Christmas sales. Best Buy is one of those stores, and the ad is impressive. Remember though, the sales in the Sunday Best Buy ad only apply between December 27, 2009 and January 2, 2010."

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morkendo3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

either these games not highly rated "as console sellers"..(besides batman) they need to push them off shevles for new 2010 titles to make it look "as a bargan". for uneducated buyers (a sale)simple facts.. a sale is to get "rid of marchandise" that has been on the "shevle to long"....... (used to be a sales person myself) , any product under or at 19.99 is a "Great sale" now thats a GREAT sell, to lure buyers in. not something they "cant get rid of".. that is a scam to lure UNEDUCATED public BUYERS to think it is a "bargan". if you think your saving money SORRY your not.

crck3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

wtf are you talking about? A person can't find bargains at a sale because of the reasons behind the sale? Who the hell cares if stores have to clear shelves for newer games. Bottom line is the consumer benefits from it. So how exactly is that a scam? Motorstorm Pacific Rift is a steal at $20. Even when Sony finally makes it a Greatest Hits title it will still retail for $30. So how are people getting scammed on that?

dirthurts3220d ago

And even if they aren't huge tittles, they're still a good deal with a discount applied to them.
Mario bros Wii is on that list...must be a scam. Must not really be a game...

sashimi3221d ago

not a game on that list i want or that i already have it :(

Automat3221d ago is cheaper when they don't have a sale... and free shipping worldwide.

Man_of_the_year3221d ago

Pfff. That is a bad sale. Here in Canada, you could get an Elite bundle for $239.99 that comes with Lego Batman and Pure. So i went out and bought another 360.

LordRaul3220d ago

Madworld for $10 is a great deal, I think I'll finally pick it up

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The story is too old to be commented.