Valve's Michael Booth on The AI Systems of L4D and Their Goals

Split-screen: "Valve Software recently published the slides of Michael Booth's presentation at Stanford's recent Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference, wherein he talks about the AI systems of their FPS co-op hit Left4Dead."

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Nike3222d ago

They describe how their systems have made things simpler, like the AI movements and how the AI director increases replayability. On one level, they seem to be looking at the AI systems of L4D as a big achievement. :P

darkequitus3222d ago

It is a big achievement when you consider it is not just a handful of enemies pathfinding all over the place. Much more complex than lefts say, Dead Rising. The slide was interesting.

Pandamobile3221d ago

Left 4 Dead's enemy AI is pretty damn good. The common hoards manage to navigate any obsticle placed in their way without any kind of hesitation. The survivor AI in Left 4 Dead is alright, but in Left 4 Dead 2 they have a habit of jumping off buildings.

Proxy3221d ago

The ways the AI is used to increase replayability are great. I hope to see improvements made to this system and then to see it in some future games.

TheIneffableBob3221d ago

If you read the paper the paper/presentation Michael Booth made for Left 4 Dead's AI systems, it makes you realize how complex and clever it is. The horde AI is great and the special infected AI is good, though the survivor AI needs improvement. That's the hardest part, though, as it's trying to simulate a human. Plus the AI will work in almost any environment which is very impressive.

Pandamobile3221d ago

You can drop the AI in virtually ANY map, and they'll have no problem getting from point A, to where ever you are to claw your eyes out.

There are very few games where the AI is that clevar, besides L4D, if any.

darkequitus3221d ago

The friendly A.I. has saved my rear end on more than one occasion, especially against the chargers.

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xg-ei8ht3221d ago

They need to try implementing some hit damage.

Would make it alot more realistic and fun.

kewlkat0073221d ago

away. These types of games Shoot first, ask questions later.

Pandamobile3221d ago

You can change the common zombies health with a CVAR.

Droid Control3221d ago

The A.i is the worst in that game. I rather turn the two A.i characters off and just play with a friend, rather than suffer their BS.

3220d ago