Hot Shots Golf Shoots 300,000 Preorders in Japan

Hot Shots Golf has been a key franchise Sony in past years. Hot Shots Golf has always been about over the top shots and character customization. Well the latest in the Hot Shots Golf franchise has hit over 300,000 preorders in Japan.

Hot Shots Golf 5 will be fully online. Online lobbies will be able to support 50 players.

No American date has been announced for Hot Shots Golf 5 at this time. But stay tuned for more in this hot title.

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DrWan4733d ago

is there even 300k of Japanese PS3?? what is the sales figure, why so many preorders.

Blasphemy4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

There is nearly 1 million PS3s sold in Japan so far.

Firewire4732d ago

Wasn't it about 1.3 million about a month ago! Anyways I'll get this when it hits N.A. I like it better than Tiger Woods, that game is like watching golf on T.V. boring!

Blasphemy4732d ago

PS3 has yet to reach 1 million sold in Japan.

drtysouf214733d ago

Looks like it will help PS3 sales!

Blasphemy4732d ago

It will come out at the end of next month.

Odion4732d ago

wait this was posted on the vgchartz site, as an expectation for what the game should sell, not what they have.

Premonition4732d ago

Hopefully Ninja Gaiden helps as well, that game looks good.

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The story is too old to be commented.