New White Knight Chronicles screenshots

Sony released new screenshots of White Knight Chronicles for the PS3.

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DigitalAnalog3221d ago

At least something worthy is to take it's place.

-End statement

Kamikaze1353221d ago

But from what I've seen, White Knight Chronicles will be better. Still, I can't wait for both! There are things in White Knight Chronicles that makes me think I might forget about Final Fantasy XIII...

-Town Building
-4 player online co-op with DLC missions as well (text and chat support)
-Loot gathering
-Weapon creation
-customizable avatar (can be altered through the game)
-This game has TOWNS! Lol..jk

GrandDragon3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Not to sure on the dungeon and dragons theme, and the graphics are poor but I hope the gameplay mechanics are similar to Final Fantasy.

The online exploration will obviously bode well with most of the Western audience so I don't think the visuals will be that important. For what the game is, its looking to be very good indeed.



Many of the aspects you listed (above) are present in most On-line RPG's so to compare it with a game that does not have On-line is rather unfair don't you think?

gaffyh3220d ago

@Kamikaze - It has town building?? I didn't know that, will need to check this out, love that feature in AC2

Myst3220d ago

I know the four player co-op is something that I'm looking forward to the most.

Kamikaze1353220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

You're right, it's kind of unfair, but the things mentioned can all be done offline (besides the online co-op, of course. The online aspect is just a nice bonus to obtain more powerful items and to have fun once you're done with the game.

Oh, and just in case you weren't aware, the avatar I mentioned plays as your ally through the single player component of the game along with being your online character. I think it's pretty cool that you can create a character and have him/her tag along in the story....even though he/she doesn't talk, lol.


Yep, you save money and buy buildings, items, and other things to create your own town. You can access it from the save menu. Also, through out the game you can gather NPC characters and have them live in your town to populate it and set up shops there for you to purchase things from. Your town also acts like a lobby for the online component. You can make your town look like a village or even something modern (as modern as the game's timeline gets).

Gambit073220d ago

@gaffyh: I believe the town building is similar to their Dark Cloud games.

GameGambits3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Been excited for this ever since Sony first showed it off years ago. Day one buy for my RPG fanatic heart. Hopefully WKC2 doesnt take 1 year + some odd months to localize for the west. :/

Edit: Why the eff is there a screenshot from FF12 in there somewhere that I just saw? <.<

FamilyGuy3220d ago

You're a fool to think otherwise.

WKC looks okay, I'll be picking it up because I'm an RPG gamer at heart but to declare it'll be better than FF13 is just foolish. It's been out for a year already and I have yet to hear/read anyone who's played it to describe it as "phenomenal" unlike FF13.

sikbeta3220d ago

This game is a Must Buy, It has a lot of good things to miss out, so it really worth the purchase

Kamikaze1353220d ago

I guess you haven't been reading the user reviews on FFXIII, lol. You also fail to understand what an opinion is.

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DrWan3220d ago

myself dont care for towns that much; in most FF's or JRPGs, talking/walking around towns/townspeople is the most daunting part of the RPG, it's boring and yet u don't wanna miss anything so u go door to door in different room. Most of the time nothing worthwhile.

rebirthofcaos3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

this will be my new final fantasy.I dont think that ill purchase ff13.

I would like to see WKC maps Vs FF 13 maps.

ThatCanadianGuy3220d ago

Any updates on the release date? I haven't followed the game that much lately.Is it still up for a Feb release or what?

Chris3993220d ago

Very excited about this game. And for everyone knocking the graphics, I think that they're native 1080p. That and, they're very clean and the environments seem quite expansive.

Kamikaze1353220d ago

It was confirmed on the PSblog...though the DLC was only hinted at. It's most likely missions or town items...which is awesome!

Chris3993220d ago

Just went and checked Amazon again. This is probably my most anticipated title of the year, next to The Last Guardian.

Oh, and there's some cool PSP JRPGs coming out this year as well.

ThatCanadianGuy3220d ago


That's great news! Not that much longer to wait then..
Shame it comes out a week or so after MAG.

I'm gonna be split 50/50 with my time on those two.After that.. it's allll about Heavy Rain.. (If it makes that rumored Feb release)

Ravage273220d ago

to the people knocking on the graphics...have you seen another JRPG that looks equally as good? Excluding FF13 of course, since that game has the benefit of a 6 years production time + an insane budget.

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Hakimy3220d ago

I only wish for an old traditional rpg game like ff7.action rpg battle system really did bad for jrpgs except maybe for kingdom hearts but thats probably because it's nomura's work ;)

GrandDragon3220d ago

You say that but if a game like that were to be released people would hate it and criticise it for not be innovative and would say it is repetitive and linear.

Hakimy3220d ago

@GrandDragon: people criticize anything these days so I won't care,let them talk all they want as long as we enjoy games ;)

i3eyond the Circle3220d ago

Lost Oydssey.

Traditional but good.

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