Videogame sales outsell cinema/ film over past year in UK

The Lost Gamer writes "Over the past year, it has been calculated that more money within the UK has been spent on video games compared to films – either in regards to cinema trips or purchasing films on DVD/ Bluray."

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DaTruth3217d ago

This news makes me really happy! The film industry makes enough money for every form of films to be produced, from big budget blockbusters, to small budget niche films! This will ensure we can all enjoy a wide range of game genres and types, at all budgets!

Now all we need is critics and award shows that match the film industry. Transformers 2 will make a ton of money, but nobody is winning an Oscar for it, and the reviews for it show it is nowhere in quality near the top, most critically acclaimed movies, although very enjoyable!

Noctis Aftermath3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

If you(not you DaTruth) are a person who views video games as something for nerds or young boys hitting puberty then you need to wake up and get with the times, as this article points out video games already out-earn movies.

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