NowGamer: The Top Ten Ice Levels

In the clutch of a cold snap, NowGamer runs down its top ten sub-zero videogame experiences...

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Picnic3222d ago

This list has been written by somebody who seems to have mainly played FPS games in the last few years or so.

Mario 64. Freez-easy Peak on Banjo Kazooie. Lost Planet. Phenandra Drifts on Metroid Prime. Donkey Kong Country. There's one in Sonic 3 and Quackshot. Crash Team Racing. Starfox Adventures. Perfect Dark Zero. Bioshock has icy parts.

Prototype3222d ago

how about the ultimate Ice level back in the 16 bit era...

ICE CAP ZONE Sonic the hedgehog 3/Knuckles

shazui1233222d ago

as number 2??????? how the HELL did they manage that? I agree with number one but come on, the ice level in MW2 was poor

ShAkKa3222d ago

I liked the MW2 snow level quite a bit and agree on U2 being #1.

I would've put Crash Bandicoot 2 on my ice levels list because those icy levels on Crash 2 were just beautiful.

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