GamerSquad's Exclusive Frag Doll Interview

Striving to empower the fortunes of girl gamers everywhere whilst also just so happening to have the coolest jobs in, like, you know, the entire world, the Frag Dolls are far from just a canny marketing ploy recruited by leading developer and publisher Ubisoft.

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SuperSaiyan44738d ago

Dont know about you but I kinda like the one with the red hair! :-D

Emm you know what...

Nah I like them all! ;-)

Go girl gamers woot!

Firewire4738d ago

I'd snipe these "gamers" in a second. I hate playing girls online for the most part there easy kills. Mind you I lost one online match to a girl in "Calling all Cars" once, but I owned her the next round!

Skynetone4737d ago

something about there brains being to small

grifter0244737d ago

hehe, you shouldnt be to mean Kool. But wasnt their a article a little earlier saying that the girls in PMS and Frag were not TRYING I REPEAT NOT TRYING TO GET ATTENTION!!!!! Wow this totally forgets what they said earlier isnt it?! The article was a waste of time and money, Plus the only games they play are the ones that their Sponsors publish huh, so they shouldnt be allowed to win in tourney's of R6 since they know the Dev's which help them out. Its funny I thought they didnt want publicity and just wanted to play, hmm guess not.