Mass Effect 2: Impressive 16:9 Shots

Mass Effect 2 render screens in 1600x800 pixels: PC Games published six 16:9 shots of Mass Effect 2.

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PISSIO3222d ago

Mass Effect 2 Game of The Year 2010


Good Job Microsoft!

gaffyh3222d ago

1600:800, so it's 16:8 really then isn't it? :D

miasma3222d ago

Christmas comes again when this game drops.

champ213222d ago

Why good job microsoft.

if anything you should be thanking Bioware.

kewlkat0073222d ago

Well not really.

There is this relationship between "Console Manufacturer + Publisher + Developer that is still very important from when the game starts production to the end.

I little bit goes a long way to making a success game(production-wise), successfully marketing it and getting it out to your fanbase on time.

Some seem to think only one aspect of a "game production" should get all the credit. MS does not "Push a special Button" and a game Pops out, ready to sell.

The_Nameless_One3222d ago

More like, good job Bioware and EA. MS has nothing to do with the Mass Effect IP anymore. I think the only reason it's a console exclusive is because of contractual obligation from EA side they agreed to when they bought Bioware. But I do agree with you that this is a very storage candidate for 2010 Xbox 360 GOTY.

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Nihilism3222d ago

#3 looks amazing, don't know whats happening in it but it looks cool, it looks kind of like a reaper ship hovering above a lake :S

Bodyboarder_VGamer3222d ago

These screen-shots have way too much detail to be an X360 game. This is easily on par with Crysis and beyond any PS3/X360 game including Heavy Rain...

My theory is

1. these are actually bull-shots


2. PC version at high settings

Nihilism3222d ago

Well half the shots or more are screenshots from the CGI clips, but 360 peeps always try to pass them off as in game, and I agree, they look better than crysis, it won't even look that good on pc

Killjoy30003222d ago

If you us think the final game will look like this you have another thin coming. I mean this game looks excellent for sure, but nowhere near Crysis/Uncharted level like these screens portray.

Nevertheless, my most anticipated game next year right there with God of War, GT5 and Heavy Rain. I'm also loving the look of Alan Wake. Definitely a looker.

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Charmers3222d ago

"If you us think the final game will look like this you have another thin coming. I mean this game looks excellent for sure, but nowhere near Crysis"

What a silly thing to say, the screenshots are probably from the PC version which will undoubtedly look massively better than the Xbox 360 version. So there is no reason to doubt that these screenshots are representative of the final game if you are going to play it on the PC.

Killjoy30003222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Just what I'd expect from the N4G community - Baseless assumptions about which consoles I own and don't own.


I bet you everything I own that most of those screens are taken of cutscenes and aren't actually representative of in-game visuals.

hoops3222d ago

Just a wild guess:

If this were a PS3 exclusive game you would be saying the opposite.
You have to love this site.....

Charmers3222d ago

Killjoy3000 - how about you WAIT AND SEE eh ? I play Mass Effect maxxed out at 1680 x 1050 and never dip below 60fps. On those settings Mass Effect uses a woeful 50% of my Quadcore. So it is clear that they can easily push things higher on the PC.

I am not saying the xbox 360 version will look like this. However to dismiss that the PC version couldn't do graphics of this quality is ridiculous.

At the end of the day it looks good and I can't wait to play it. You just come across as someone trying to spoil the fun to be honest. If when the game comes out the graphics are "crap" then you can spout your opinion.

Killjoy30003222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

You can go ahead and put words in my mouth and falsely quote me as saying the graphics look like "crap," as YOU put it, but that simply doesn't change the fact hat these are screens taken of a cutscene. I don't doubt the power of the PC version to pull off an amazing looking game. I even said that the game looks excellent. You guys seem to be putting me on a pedestal as a Mass Effect hater, fanboy and overall just a downer but in reality I'm none of the above. You can say I'm "spoiling the fun," but really I'm just stating the truth. Or at the very least my hypothesis/prediction.

Everyone has an opinion and here is mine. Mass Effect looks like a great game - but it won't look that great.

This has nothing to do with consoles buddy. But i will hand it to you, you try real hard to bring fanboy crap into this.

Richdad3222d ago

Most of the Mass effect 2 media being circulated is from 360 version E3 demo was on 360 i. The shots which really look good are one with heavy light effects and I think those scenes are menat cinematics movement. The whole game will not be looking like that. But still ME2 seems to have left RE5 and Gears 2 far behind. Phew! talking about beating epic in UE3 utilization.

I see a good thing over here most of the game devs by now have laerned to put really good Hi-res textures on games now the shold go for lightning that approches realism.

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