A lot of things have changed in Final Fantasy XIII, FFXIII Impressions Part 1

The Banzai Effect:

"A lot of things have changed in Final Fantasy XIII compared to the previous FFs."

"The first 5 hours of FF XIII was very exciting with lots of amazing cutscenes, CG cinematics and smooth transition of boss battles."

"The battles are almost exciting as it looks and the gameplay soundtracks work their magic to keep the player going."

"Yes, it is intentional that the first part of the gameplay exploration is very linear until your character reaches the world below.
Perhaps, the linear gameplay isn't that welcomed by some players but I am still ok with it so far."

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GrandDragon3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Okay before the doom and gloom, let me just include some URL links to videos posted on Youtube that will hopefully prove my points.


-FFXIII is definitely OPEN WORLD and has tons of exploration with enemies interacting with each other (whilst you roam the fields).

Yes, you can ride the Chocobo, and it snoozes as well :D

-Contrary to some early impressions, you will eventually be able to assign leadership and change your team members (again whilst exploring)

-The battle system resemble that which was shown in the E3 trailer years ago. Many people have felt that the game was changed but as you can see it takes a little experience to pull off combos. Monster Hunts are definitely in the Game, so yes side quests DO exist. The monsters are definitely hard and with Health points reaching the million mark (yes million) don't think its going to be a walk in the park!! :D

This guy is snoozing whilst the guy is attacking it!! lol

I hope this helps...

Baba19063218d ago

cant wait fo this. looks soooooooo awesome. =D

3sq3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Well, from what I have heard from those who bought it, they said the story is meh and makes you feel asleep.

Oh by the way did you know, there's no towns to explore.

Only move straight forward fight fight then boss and fight fight then boss...and so on.

Meryl3218d ago

A guy snoozing while the characters attack, lol, the first true FF that completes itself for you, seriously, I hate it, at least in FF XII you could turn off the gambits and make the game more challenging.