Mario's Pipeline Show: Nintendo's 2010 Games To Be Excited For

Koku Gamer writes: "I know that we all are getting excited for new games coming out in the 2010 season. Several websites even have whole lists of games that are coming out next year, but not all of them are good."

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Ziriux3219d ago

Yea, first of many to come.

JoeyC3219d ago

Can't wait for Other M

whothedog3219d ago

Yes Metroid looks great, it's one reason why I got a Wii again.

Ziriux3219d ago

Other M is exactly the type of game I've been waiting for, because it brings back that 2D with 3D gamestyle I soooo much adore.

whothedog3219d ago

haha I never thought scanning objects was fun either, but I did like the first metroid prime a lot, I just like the old school (mainly SNES) one better. The Wii is looking good for 2010, I hope to see Zelda 2010! Nice show by the way.

Cinotix3219d ago

Other M and the fighting game will be my def. purchases.

LeonSKennedy4Life3219d ago

I freakin' love Wario Ware...

Aleusia3219d ago

wish there were more 3rd party devs to make more mature games for the Wii, but the fanbase doesn't like those kind of games. This is why the PS fanbase is the coolest, we have people from all sides. Mature and E for everyone gamers, which is the way a true gamer should be.

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The story is too old to be commented.