Media Create software sales (12/14 – 12/20) - Top 50

Media Create has published an expanded listing of the latest best-selling Japanese games (top 50).

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Valay3219d ago

It's interesting that the original New Super Mario Bros. is in the top 20. Looks like the new Wii game spurred sales of the DS title.

SCThor3219d ago

and is ranked 49th....and is a multiplat.

Jamescagney3219d ago

Thanks for pointing that out SCThor, I can rest easy now I'm aware of that.

The Lazy One3219d ago

that's so much worse than the 3 PS3 games in the top 50.

It's more noteworthy that Nintendo rocked the shi* out of that list.

Ausbo3219d ago

there are actually 4 ps3 games, but i get what you are saying

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TheTeam063219d ago

Japan has the ability to alternate number ones between the Wii, the PS3 and the occasional (but very rare) 360 games. They like games!

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