Bayonetta - First 30 Minutes of Uncut Gameplay

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LittleBigSackBoy3217d ago

Bayonetta sounds like granny's sweater

deadreckoning6663217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Guys, watch Part 1 of the video. The opening sequence is INSANE. I'm beginning to understand why this game got all those great reviews.
I'm getting it, but ill wait till it hits $40. All the cash I have now is going towards the Wands, Modnation Racers, and GOW3. Sony has officially broken my wallet for the first half of 2010 lol.


an amazing game. Im playing trougth CHAPTER IV and so far the experience was very good. Its too cheesy and the sexual references are everywhere but the action is pure good. What I really dont like about this game is the music and the LAME enemies. These angelic bosses are extremely easy to beat. Anyway what I really like about this game is the past references to sega classics. In one stage the reference to Space Harrier with the clasical music and all its very good. As I said in past comments I have the 360 version and believe it or not it IS one of the few multiplatform game whose diference between consoles are remarkable.

Sega did a bad job porting and as I said this will cost them because in a what appears to be a crowded action adventure market, PS3 players are going to choose between the others offerings. Specially GOW 3. As I said also I dont know what is all the fuss about this game graphics. They are good but unfortunately they cant compare with an old demo (GOW3). Maybe the fuss is created by the 360 fan media to find an XBOX 360 "definately" actioner that can compete with GOW3...which is not going to happen.

Again the game is amazing but it doesnt deserves all the great high scores. PS3 only fans do urself a favor not supporting crappy ports and buy some exclusives ( you are responsible for Sonys exclusives selling poorly) like KZ2 or U2 or DS or inFamous or RATCHET: ACIT. All these game are better than a crappy multiplatform port. 360 this game you are blessed with the better version but dont expect it to be the best action adventure game ever. ITS JUST AN OVERHYPED AND OVERRATED EXPERIENCE!!. Its a solid 8.5 in my book. My standards are higher..thanx NAUGHTY DOG..LOL!!


Marceles3217d ago

"Its too cheesy and the sexual references are everywhere but the action is pure good."

The thing is it's not even THAT BAD. People are putting too much on the sexual references like they're Fox News or something. The hair leaving her body...whatever. Ine of the torture moves where she puts one of those white and green woman enemies on a horse and pulls her back on a whip, whatever. They're all forgettable gags, but the closer you get to the end of the game, the more badass it gets.

The Happy Baby3216d ago

Even though this game is using sex to sell----im sold. :)

bacon133216d ago

I can see how this game might not be for everyone and how western gamers might be turned away. After playing the demo though it is hard not to commend the devs on delivering such finely tuned and spot on gameplay mechanics. Any word on playthrough time though?

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Alcohog3217d ago

I would be embarrassed to own this game. DO NOT WANT.

BasilMarceaux3216d ago

I usually buy into the hype of games like this. But I just dont get it.
All I see is Devil May Cry featuring catwoman.

I even played the demo, I mean it definitely isnt a BAD game. But I still dont see why eveyone is excited for this

mesh13217d ago

PLAYED GOD OF WAR 3 DEMO,BAYONETTA DEMO,DANTES DEMO, dantes amd god of war 3 are average .bayonetta is the best hack and slash made.

robotnik3216d ago

You are wrong, GoWIII is much better.

divideby03217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

demo was fun...
just to many other games with more depth and replayability than this game comming out over the next 6 weeks.
MAG, MassEffect, GT, WhiteKnightChrons...all 10 more replayability and releasing within weeks of Bay..Just cant see it selling well with the above surrounding it
rental for me...over the weekend.

divideby03216d ago

I cant believe some think this game has replayability compared to the games I mentioned....unreal...totally unreal..

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