AppSmile Review - Mission: Deep Sea Relaxing Underwater Adventure Awaits


This game has been created as the first episode in a series and, as such, only contains 5 missions. You play as Buddy, the sea turtle. Future technology has allowed us to implant neural chips in sea turtles, so that humans with the paired chip not only feel what the turtle feels, but also can control muscular functions, effectively controlling how the turtle swims. It may be a bit far-fetched, but it makes for an interesting sci-fi backstory to explain why you are a turtle. At any rate, the initial challenge of the game is to control the turtle to tag radioactive waste for removal from our oceans. This is done by swimming around and finding red barrels, attaching a device by tapping your nose against the barrel that triggers a flotation device which carries the barrel away. Other challenges include following a manta ray and tagging it, as well as locating missiles in a sunken ancient city, photographing reliefs, and rescuing Captain Drake. Though there are few actual tasks to carry out, the fun factor comes not from completing a ton of tasks, but mastering the unique, intuitive controls.

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