Gameprom's 'The Deep Pinball' and 'Wild West Pinball' Go Free to Celebrate the Release of 'Jungle Style Pinball'

Touch Arcade:

Among iPhone gamer pinball fans, it seems like debate of which of the pinball series is the best on the platform is as hotly contested as Star Wars nerds arguing over which is the best movie in the original trilogy. I'm partial to Gameprom's pinball games, as they all load very quickly, seem to have realistic pinball physics, come packed with online leaderboards, and have camera options to either follow the pinball or stay locked and display the entire table.

Wild West Pinball was released first, followed by The Deep Pinball [Free] and as of a few days ago, Jungle Style Pinball is the latest in Gameprom's pinball lineup. Normally both 99¢, Wild West and The Deep both went free to promote the launch of Jungle Style. On top of that, the previous two games also were recently updated to "Christmas Editions" which just amount to each of the tables having their art slightly modified to be more festive.

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