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The Gamespot 2009 Game of the Year is...

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Saaking3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Wow, great choice. I would have gone for UC2 though, but that's just me. Still, it's a win for PS3 owners :D

Gamespot has redeemed themselves. Demon's Soul is one of the best games I've ever played and probably (for me) the best game this year second only to UC2.

TruEve3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I would have been cool with Uncharted 2 as well. But my favorite game of the year is Demon's Souls.

My Top 5:
1.) Demon's Souls
2.) Uncharted 2
3.) Killzone 2
4.) Assassin's Creed 2
5.) Infamous


Demon's Souls was definitely a sleeper hit and very few saw it coming. I'm sure the majority of major publications will give GOTY to Uncharted 2.

Method3314d ago

When the hell did Gamespot decide to stop sucking?

Either way I like this new management very much.

Congrats From Software and ATLUS!

TOO PAWNED3314d ago

WHen i told you yesterday that after they gave DS best PS3 game, that uncharted 2 had NO chance of winning GOTY, you all jumped on me and hit that disagree like bunch of ho.... Ha, now who was once again right? ME!

Sarcasm3314d ago

Ugh... I liked Demon's Souls, but Uncharted 2 is the real GOTY.

FamilyGuy3314d ago

They were extremely thorough in explaining why this was their choice for game of the year, I'll definitely be picking this up if I see it on sale now. I say on sale because there are still many games coming out in the upcoming months that my money will be going towards too.

Chubear3314d ago

What they need to do it add another option for co-op mode where you can have a party of up to 6-8 (hey, it's the PS3 so even up to 20 wouldn't be a surprise :D ) roaming through larger spaced land taking huge demons down a la Monster Hunter.

THAT, would be a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

CrippleH3314d ago

That will be pretty hard since it's mostly a single player game. In order to make room for 20 man party the maps and spaces have to be pretty big so everybody can move freely and they also got to design the map for single play. 4 people sounds about right to me.

What I'm hoping for is more production value and more levels, not that I'm complaining about the amount of levels. I just want more since they are so good.

-Alpha3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Demon's Souls DESERVED to win.

Yes, Uncharted 2 is bloody brilliant, but Demon's Souls is JUST as good, and according to Gamespot and myself, it is even BETTER!

Both Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 are like two VERY talented beauty contestants. BOTH are very well deserving, but one is better dressed and has better make up on. Does that mean the one who ISN'T dressed up as nice is undeserving when BOTH are talented? NO!

What I mean is, when it comes down to gameplay, the MOST important aspect, they are both great, but Demon's Souls is MUCH more deeper, and MUCH more addictive.

Uncharted 2 is an excellently polished game, which is the one thing somewhat lacking in Demon's Souls.

In the end this should NOT cause chaos amongst fans. If ANYTHING, this shows how DIVERSE and how great the lineup of games has been this year, ESPECIALLY for the PS3.


I just beat the Tower Knight in Demon's Souls, greatest game this year for sure!


I noticed MW2 wasn't even nominated. Great, great, choice Gamespot. I am so happy they picked Demon's Souls. UC2 is a universal favorite but I was saddened that people forgot about gems like Demon's Souls. Gamespot gave it the recognition it deserved.

I pray for a Demon's Souls 2.

Some things in Demon's Souls that were IMO better than in UC2:

-Core gameplay was much more addicting
-Combat was much more deeper
-Much more challenging and thus, more rewarding

UC2 had better:


Both were kick ass, and awesome thrill rides, but for two different reasons entirely: one was an action packed joyous ride while the other was a terrifying but ultra satisfying trip to hell!

I think those are all good reasons not to count Demon's Souls out for all you Uncharted 2 fans. Uncharted 2 is my runner up for GOTY, but Demon's Souls is my crown jewel.

ThanatosDMC3314d ago

I wouldnt say that they automatically redeemed themselves. That's like someone committing mass murder and saying he accidentally tripped on all of them with a knife. Will you forgive him that easily?

I say they really cant write otherwise since the PS3 exclusives are such quality games that writing otherwise will prove their biases.

Anon19743314d ago

I haven't played this yet, but I was planning on picking it up eventually. It was just a matter of when will I have time with all the great PS3 games waiting for me to play. I guess I'll have to add this to the pile! :)

Udidntlistenpunk3314d ago

Same art and artistic designs. The world of demons souls is just brutal with this dark medieval look.

Make it less challenging but not too much. One of its appeals is precisely its challenge but the game, at points, is just fking BRUTAL. My suggestion would be like say 25% easier or something.

Add some savepoints in between levels.

Better explanation on game mechanics, menus, items etc.

Expand upon:
-Items. More items, weapons and better designs
-Improve upon combat system. Add a few more moves, balance issues between magic and melee, better responsiveness
- the storyline. The storyline is incredibly dark but oh so simplistic. To make the sequal superior, they need to expand upon a storyline. It doesnt have to be final fantasy big but demons souls story is just too short. Almost seems like as if they were trying things out. Story needs to be 300-400% bigger and badder.
- better soundtrack. Mix some epic sounding bits in certain parts of the game with some bits that comes out of horror movies.
- more voice acting. With a bigger and badder story, you naturally also need more voices and lines.
-online. More message sentences etc.

fucadastates3314d ago

no. demons souls dont need to be easier. and it defiantly do not need savepoints and checkpoints

MazzingerZ3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

"My heart is break...HAPPY! :)

Haha, that was a good one! (hope you were kidding)

sikbeta3314d ago

DS is Amazing, is pretty good to see this Game having Recognition

Gamers FTW!!!

SixTwoTwo3314d ago

The irony here is that Sony didn't bring this to the US themselves because they thought it wouldn't succeed. DS was my personal GOTY as well.

Harry_Manback3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Wow Udidntlistenpunk, everything you just suggested would completely ruin everything that made Demon's Souls great.
If they did make a sequel, and did for some reason did take your advice, then they might as well not even call it Demon's Souls.

Ravage273314d ago

Great to see Demon's Souls getting the attention it deserves. I voted for UC2, but i'm more than happy to see DS win, it's one of my top 3 titles for this gen and definitely one of the most interesting game i've played in years.

2 reasons why this is good news.
(1)RPG devs will start examining the gameplay mechanics in DS and hopefully some will start aping the online component.
(2)More hardcore old-school games in the future?? That can only be a good thing :)

Christopher3314d ago

Definitely need more games like Demons' Souls, glad to see it get its moment to shine, especially considering the competition this year.

Nikuma3314d ago

They picked the right game for sure. There were lots of other great games this year that could of easily been GoTY, but when put up against Demon's Souls there really is no comparison. It's a gamers game and it's a great one. UC2 was great and epic, but it followed the new age casual gamer formula pretty closely. Demon's Souls is unique, immersive, intense, and extremely satisfying.

DS is the no brainer GoTY for true gamers. Amazing job From Software... I really look forward to a sequel!

lightningsax3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

UC2 fans, come on. The game will win many more awards, and it already has quite a few. Let us Demon's Souls fans revel in a bit of recognition before the next GOTY is announced and we're back to the North American title discussions again.

For me, and for many people out there in the podcast/blog/editorial realm, this wasn't just a game, it was a psychological case study. The real good work that was done here was on creating a distinctive feeling of accomplishment - something that has been missing from more casualized games for a long time, but doesn't necessarily need an unbeatable difficulty level to achieve.

Demon's Souls was a completely beatable game, but the harrowing journey to accomplish most goals gave you that awesome feeling once you got there. It was that sense of loneliness and near oppression from the environment that got to me, and when I was able to get through something, it was just war-cryingly awesome, similar to the Shadow of the Colossus experience.

I think it's a game that deserves every award it gets this year... and to think that Japan has had this game for quite a while and didn't necessarily go nuts over it! That was unexpected! Maybe the US should start holding out on Japan distribution when we think a game's too hard and flip the old stereotype around.

otherZinc3314d ago

This is funny, Halo Wars is better than that @ss game & Killzone 2 isn't better than Halo 3:ODST or MW2, also, Assassins Creed 2 destroys that game.

This why I never listen to reviewers, they're stupid & say stupid **** for effect.

SilentNegotiator3314d ago

Saaking, I'm fine with everything you said EXCEPT this.

Udidntlistenpunk3314d ago

Look it all boils down to this one question:


By all means, stick to its difficulty. It will never reach mass audience if they stick it to the hardcore. And that is the truth.

If you want demons souls to be a commercial success in the future, they need to change its difficulty. You may not like it but thats the reality.

ico923314d ago

Atlus please for the love of god release this in the EU its such a tease that gamespots GOTY isnt available in my country

PS3PCFTW3313d ago

im sure sony will send extra help for free to aide in development of ds2.
Whatever it is, im sure it will lead to more insight on the ps3 architecture.which in turn will give us a more more polished and refined sequel.

either way, from here on out its all SONY.

quote it.

Harry_Manback3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Why not make it exclusive to the Wii (with waggle controls), and possibly port it over to the ps3/360 down the road...maybe as a xbl arcade or psn download?
Maybe they'll come out with a collectors edition that comes bundled with a coloring book, and/or training bra.

edgeofblade3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Thank you Saaking for stating the obvious. This is a win for PS3 owners. Thankfully I own all three consoles, so anything is a win for me.

Please stop spewing your biased PS3 crap. They had a damn good year... does it still have to be about this partisan bullshit?

@Udidntlistenpunk: You're right. +bubbles for you.

Tiberium3312d ago

gamepot pulls and ign and gives the award to a game that got a 9 when 3 others got a 9.5.

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3sq3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Surprised surprised. Way to go DS.

TOO PAWNED3314d ago

i remember when this game was shown for first time during TGS 2008 and it was early build, so usa journalists were making fun of it or ignoring it. I remember when Shane Bentehauzen on 1UP yours basically said that is sucked and he doubts it will ever come to USA! Lol now at him, don't blame him, i don't think anyone saw this one coming and being this well received

-Alpha3314d ago

Ha, I remember that. Actually I wrote a blog (sitting in the pending section of the blogs page) about 2009. Demon's Souls was definitely a great surprise. I was very excited with the trailer, but everybody just made fun of it and I followed them like a sheep and eventually ignored any hope I had for Demon's Souls.

Yet, here I am today, a proud fan of 2009's GOTY (IMO). Demon's Souls kicked my ass before I even started playing it. It kicked the entire ass of United States too for that matter since nearly everybody laughed at it.

Blasphemy3314d ago

That is a surprising win right there.

rucky3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

This is my personal GOTY but I never thought in a million years a site would recognize Demon's Souls their GOTY. I'm so glad that one did.

Orange3314d ago

My personal GOTY too. Made me happy and surprised to see this. The more love DS gets the more sales, and the more sales the better the chance of DS2. What other game could keep me happy as a clam to play through 3 times to get all of the trophies? None other.

Critical_Hit3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

My personal GOTY as well. Great to see that it's getting some recognition. Congratulations Demon's Souls. I hope that there will be some DLC (6th Archstone?) and eventually a sequel.

Kaliumhest3314d ago

It's the most intense game you will ever play.