The Game Sequels You Want to See

1. Beyond Good & Evil

2. Chrono Trigger

3. Xenogears

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FadedDRFT4804d ago

Test drive unlimited 2 = Best racing game on the planet.

MK_Red4804d ago

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners... , thats the one game I want to see its sequel made as soon as possible.

Lucidmantra4804d ago

great game i liked that game alot too even though it had a few flaws it was an outstanding game. /agree

Firewire4804d ago

I want another Twisted Metal & Onimusha!

omansteveo4804d ago

Xenogears best RPG ever!

_insane_cobra4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Panzer Dragoon
Shining Force (a true SRPG sequel, none of that Neo/Exa crap)
Metal Wolf Chaos
Planescape: Torment (not exactly a sequel, but a new RPG in a Planescape setting)
Radiant Silvergun
Little Big Adventure
Maniac Mansion
X-Wing/Tie Fighter
Terminator: Future Shock (apart from its semi-expansion SkyNET, all later Terminator games pretty much sucked)
So many more, but most of all...


Lucidmantra4804d ago

i agree with all of the above...

surprised to see Little big adventure, and future shock/ skynet (bethesda games) on a list those were good games.

I will add..

Little Computer people adventure set(AI advances would make this game rock...and is not the sims.. different type of game),

Racing Destruction Set (early EA game),

Mars Saga,

Echelon or Privateer,

Sentinel World:Future Magic or Star Control

_insane_cobra4804d ago

Star Control and Privateer would make me very happy indeed.

By the way, there's still hope for Little Big Adventure 3. Frederick Raynal is currently working on an unannounced project with Michel Ancel (Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil) and after it's finished, he should be moving onto LBA 3. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.