RPGFan: Persona 3 Portable Review

It plays and looks worse than the original and the added content will not do much for people who are not already obsessed. Ultimately, P3P is a fan service game that does a good job of imitating the original. If you loved it on PS2 and are in the mood for another go around, have at it with the female MC and enjoy the new perspective. Pretty much everyone else need not apply.

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Baka-akaB3223d ago

mmm not entirely convinced by the review .

Half of it seems to be dealing anyway with issues the author already had with the original game , hardly flaws per se of the psp version (like the story) .

Aleusia3223d ago

the PS2 version was fantastic! did they really change so much to ruin a simple psp port? I heard something about the musical score changing..why they do dis?

The music in P3 on the PS2 was amazing.

Light Yagami3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

You control a cursor instead of the main character when roaming the school or the city. There are no animations during social links. its just a still image. Not that big of a difference.

The new music is for the female campaign.

Aleusia3222d ago

Why would they do something like that? Persona 3 was perfect the way it was, the only thing they needed to do was decrease the graphics alittle so it would play right on the psp.

Redempteur3222d ago

because of the psp ...

i don't think it ruin the expérience's just different .

you can do exactly the same things as before it's just different. after all they needed to fill all of this on the umd so some cuts were necessarry and P3 FES is a huge game ...

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