Steam Holiday Sale: Day Three

E4G: Today is the third day of the Steam Holiday Sale and the folks over at Steam are celebrating.

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dkblackhawk503222d ago

Red Faction Guerilla sounds good at 75% off :P

dkblackhawk503222d ago

Battlefield 2: Complete Collection 75% Off, need I say more? :D

darkequitus3222d ago

So far I have bought
Clear Sky, Mirror's Edge, Riddick: DA, Sam HD Indigo Prophecy, L4D

darkequitus3221d ago

It is just too easy with all those low prices. But they do start to add up. Tempted on red faction though.

dkblackhawk503221d ago

Yep :P, definitely too easy with these low prices. It is almost like Walmart /sarcasm lol

VladimirK3221d ago

Haha, I know what you mean.

Really easy to buy a whole load on it without even thinking about it.
Suppose it's because of the fact that it's both online payment nd there's no physical case or anything, so you don't really link it in your brain as spending a lot.

RAAAAAGE3221d ago

I got Stalker, L4D Bundle, Braid, Indigo Prophecy and KOTOR. Even though my PC is dead atm, I couldn't resist the deals.

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Pandamobile3222d ago

Woot. Finally time to pick up Resident Evil 5.

Virus E3221d ago

Sadly RE5 is a bit of let down. I bought it 2 weeks ago (for full price sadly) on steam and was shocked over some of the changes capcom made to the RE formula. All of the puzzle elements are gone and none of the levels are connected in any way. I got a lot of the same feelings from RE5 that i got from ninja gaiden 2.

PotNoodle3221d ago

Not much interested me in this one, apart from Red faction. Already played RE5 on console, own the Battlefield 2 collection, tried King's bounty, didn't like it and the other two don't seem like much.

Though, during this sale, i've bought, Left 4 dead 2, Indigo prohpecy, Mirrors edge and i'm extremely tempted by Borderlands.. i'll see what today's sale brings.

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The story is too old to be commented.