New Grand Theft Auto At E3?

GameInformer writes: Jesse Divnich, director of analyst services for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), believes we may see a glimpse of a new Grand Theft Auto title at E3 in June.

Speaking to Game Informer, Divnich made a big prediction as to what we may see at the industry trade show in June. "I think we're going to hear about another Grand Theft Auto. I think there won't be any playable stuff. I think they'll give you some type of teaser, because we do think that a year from then in 2011 we're going to see another Grand Theft Auto."

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Galvanise3222d ago

Sony could get Agent and GTA V on the same stage. Much like they got FFXIII and Final Fantasy XIV.

ThanatosDMC3221d ago

I hope it's better than GTA4. They really need to top San Andreas on quality and quantity. CJ and his friends were great. I hated Nico's cousin.

But one great mission in GTA4 that was most memorable was the Bank Heist. Wish we could do Bank Heist as normal sidemissions for a lot of money but to balance it keep it difficult like it was on the game.

bnaked3221d ago

Maybe "GTA: Agent" ? ^^

G3TDOWN3221d ago

GTA V will be a PS3 exclusive...

Signature: G3TDOWN 12/25/2009

kaveti66163221d ago

Everyone save this. G3TDOWN will be wrong.

G3TDOWN3221d ago

It's either PS3 exclusive or it's multiplat and another WACK like GTA 4 which will end GTA series

Government Cheese3221d ago

According to that teaser image in the episodes from liberty city manual, we might be getting a GTA announcement in march. Remember that the original GTA IV website came online in March 1st, with a countdown timer to the trailer (28 days later). They might do the same here.

PS360PCROCKS3221d ago

thanatos - that bank heist was epic, like purely epic. Straight out of heat, it was incredibly cool. I was disappointed I couldn't choose to play it over multiple times though. By far and away the best part of the game.

DaTruth3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Since this is multiplat, a three year dev cycle is too long. We already have the engine. Why would it take them 3 years to make the game? Oh yeah, they were busy producing 2 Additional stories in the same stupid city. One of those could have been the story in the next city.

Last time, it took them a year to put out the next game based on the same engine. Now we are going 3 years without a new iteration on the same engine. Thanks MS, for another great contribution to the industry!

bpac1234567893221d ago

i thought that san andreas was superior to gta4 in every way. charachters, customization, LOCATION, time period, missions, variety, music, VEHICLES and most of all the FUN factor where all better in sanandreas. id buy that game with next gen graphics (not physics) over gta4 anyday. to me rockstars latest game was a huge dissapointment.

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ico923220d ago

GTA4 for me was just a boring game the missions were repeptitive they were all like this
.drive to persons house for mission briefing
.go after target
.chase the target
.kill target
.lose wanted level

and its all you done over and over again with the exception of the bank heist which was awesome mission. san andreas was amazing there was so much variety and so many things you could do yes alot of them were not refined but it was still there, there were missions where you had top swim through underwater tunnels to get to a tanker, there was one where you had to parachute on top of a dam and blow it up there was a mission where you had drive a motorbike onto a moving plane, theres this awesome chase sequence that takes place through the entire los santos with the russian mafia, there was a mission where you break into area 51 and steal a jet pack and fly out YES A FREAKIN JET PACK...woah ive written an essay bottom line san andreas was a phenomenal game and easily the best gta superior to gta 4 in every way it also had a better soundtrack

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The Hunter3222d ago

Good possibility that GTA V have no exclusive downloadable content, but I think it is not needed.. GTA is from orginal a big game.. I have GTA IV on the PS3 and I have not completed it yet (missions and sidemissions)!

And if there comes DLC then everybody can enjoy! Hope this story is true ;)

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Microsoft HQ3222d ago

if it's like GTA4 I ain't buyin

Johnny Rotten3221d ago

I agree the last one was dull and over-rated.

Rocket Sauce3221d ago

Saint's Row stole me away from GTA.

Rauland3221d ago

Really? The way i see it is that GTA is the high quality brand you buy at the shops and Saints Row 2 is the low quality, cheaper brand.

You must play too much arcade games, i really enjoy realistic games.

I really don't understand why people complain about GTA 4 being to "realistic" or "boring" sure it gets boring, but didn't all the past GTA's did? But you might not remember with the wacky driving physics the past GTA's had that caused your car to spin or flip when it hit a curb. I also remember when running over 3 people was the equivalent of hitting a wall. Or when the cops pop out of no where. Sure the game took out a few things, but it did update a lot of things other things. GTA 4 was a major improvement to the series.

I want more GTA's! They go places where other games don't dare to go!

Microsoft HQ3221d ago

that's nonsense, sense when do you play GTA for realism LMAO! it's GTA not The Sims 2.0

Rocket Sauce3221d ago

Saints Row 2 has planes, parachutes, tanks, car surfing, car customization, gambling, tons of crazy outfits, collectibles like property you can buy...

GTA 4 car washes :(

It's stupid as hell and it rips off the GTA franchise, but Saints Row is a million times better. It feels like the real follow up to San Andreas.

Rauland3220d ago

If you like Saints Row better, that's up to you. But i don't make my opinion up on what "everybody" else likes on the internet. So, you shouldn't too.

GTA has ALWAYS been heading for realism, PS2 hardware did not let them achieve it. Though to be honest, there could of been more over the top missions, like the bank one.

I'm also tired of people saying "I isnt buying teh COD6:MW2" then they go out and buy it, ugh.

People will say they HATE GTA and want it gone, but it's kinda like the Simpsons, it's been out for so long people want to see go away since it's popular. Doesn't matter anyway the next GTA will sell. Rockstar North will just create hype and re brand it to make it appear different from GTA IV, (vice city WILL do that) Oh and don't think it is going to be the best game ever that is 100% always fun.

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