And the Winner is…(GamingBolt Editor's Choice Awards)

GB writes: "Alright guys and gals it is time to announce the Editor's Choice Game of the Year winners. It has been a great year with many great games emptying our wallets. It was hard to narrow down what game really stood out among this year's many releases and here is what the Gaming Bolt staff believes are the top games of the year in the following categories."

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belal3313d ago

uncharted 2 won allmost everything!

3sq3313d ago

Uncharted 2 won

1. Game of the Year
2. Best Action Adventure Game
3. Best Story/Plot
4. Best Visuals
5. Best Voice Acting
6. Best Cutscenes
7. Best Developer (Naughty Dog)
8. Best Console Game (Console Exclusive)
9. Best Sequel

snipermk03313d ago

Talk about wiping the floor. But nevertheless, Halo ODST won Most Underachieved game!

zeeshan3313d ago

I guess Best New Protagonist could have also gone to "EZIO" from Assassins Creed 2 because I think his Character though weaker than Al-Tair (in terms Character Attitude) but was Stronger than Cole from inFAMOUS. But overall, they have done a great job and have been very fair.

This is what VGA should have been. Instead of trying to make everyone happy, be fair!

andron3313d ago

Actually it's Halo Wars who is awarded Most Underachieved game, not Halo ODST...

Kimbo Slice3313d ago

i seriously cant get over how CRAP the graphics are,i was astounded, i then put in kz2 and it completely destroys mw2 graphics wise to the point its embarrassing

kz2 best shooter well deserved

Saaking3313d ago

UC2 sweeping all the award. I remember how LBP did the same last year. Sony has some awesome, awe inspiring games and they've only just begun to show us what the PS3 can do.

Comet3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Uncharted 2 is not only a game..., but an experience!
Oh, and the best part is: it's exclusively available for the PlayStation 3!!! ;D

mal_tez923313d ago

I actually agree with all of these.

Except I don't care about sports games so I don't know if FIFA deserved it or not.

KZ2 easily deserves best shooter, it involves skill, and isn't made for noobs like MW2

DigitalHorror813313d ago

Deserves any and all awards for the greatness they achieved with this game. Just a major blowaway title. Damn impressive. Thank you for setting the bar!

lovestospoodge3313d ago


wait a second, wrong article, hold on...


itisa3313d ago

God of War 3 for the next year.

caladbolg7773312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

IMO, Best Multiplayer Game ought to go to Left 4 Dead 2. Best New Female Protagonist seems a bit weak but... well I guess there really wasn't a whole lot to choose from. Also, BlazBlu for best fighter, mmk.

How about Brutal Legend for best Strategy game? Hah. I kid. I kid. Valkyria Chronicles.

SilentNegotiator3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

"But, it's the best RTS on a console!"

And I'm sure these people will be praising the next game to be called the "Best Competitive Shooter on a handheld", too, under just that merit, right?

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DigitalAnalog3313d ago

No surprise. Most of the PS3 fans have already declared it since the last E3 show with UTMOST confidence.

-End statement

FiftyFourPointTwo3313d ago

Eh? Tekken 6 won best fighting game? SF4 is the best fighting game of '09 imo with BlazBlue on 2nd place.

LeonSKennedy4Life3313d ago

Tekken 6 was a lot better than those unbalanced pieces of crap...

Baka-akaB3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Dunno it's very subjective . Aside from taste why would SF4 be better ?

Hell why would Blazblue be second to sf4 , if the criterias are quality of online and innovations ? if online matters , Blazblue is the clear winner , as the only one pretty much lag free , or at least playable under bad conditions .

And its cast is pretty mush as unique as it gets , for innovation factor ..

If those arent the big factors , then i dont see sf4 being such a clear winner .

T6 offer roughly the same level of changes of gameplay changes . Both arent graphic powerhouse and just good .

Sf4 got crappy color and characters unlock , and some balances issues . T6 is for once quite balanced (at least compared to the last games) and got some advanced customizations , though tied to a crappy scenario campaign .

Sf4's online is only decent , sometimes really bad , and doesnt even offer a lobby . Tekken 6 had a crappy online at launch , brought to roughly sf4 level via patch , and already had the lobby and some options .

I prefer SF4 too , and Blazblue (and kof xii offline) since i vastly prefer "traditional 2d" fighting over the 3d style of tekken and soul calibur ... but again that's purely taste based .

Gabe EatsWell3313d ago

Only thing I find unbalanced in SF4 was Sagat. But thanks to SSF4, he might be balanced this time around.

Baka-akaB3313d ago

Hell i dont even really think about sagat . he is indeed , but sf players should be used to that imo . He kinda is everytime he shows up . It's not even as easy as claimed to be good with Sagat . And he could be farily easily fixed by nerfing a big his normal moves , especially HK damages .

I'm mostly thinking about characters left in the dust , like Dan , vega ....
In the hands of masters they can be deadly , but set them against masters of fairly balanced chracters , what can they do ? They need a little help , either in stats or new moves .

And there is Seth , Giving him low hp isnt enough , he has far too much leeway . but i doubt they'll change him .

FiftyFourPointTwo3313d ago

Well for Dan, he was made to be a joke character anyway, so I guess he will always be the weakest. I kinda wish he wasnt in SF4 but another character like Rolento or Sodom instead.

As for Seth, Capcom said they're making him even more annoying this time. Whatever that means.

From the few vids I've seen, Ken seems to have a fake kick move and his hadouken seem faster to me. Guile's flash kick seems to have a bigger range and Tiger Uppercut seems weaker (thank you Capcom).

Anyone here heard the rumor that Shadow(Charlie) is making a comeback in SSF4? :)

Baka-akaB3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Sakura is a joke character too , it's no excuse (meh to replacing him anyway). And it's not the point , he is only of the gimped characters .

About charlie never heard the rumor .. so far everything is panning out as announced in the biggest rumour list (the sfa cast , sf3 cast , and that hakan new guy) .

Not sure yet if i want Charlie anyway . Unless they make some huge changes and differences between him and guile . He might reappear someday , as he's hinted/referenced to anyway in sf4's story ... but i bet it could be instead in SF5 , or later versions of sf4 .

For all the complains about too many shoto characters , and silly claims that they all play similarly ... when asked to prove it , the haters always ends up ridiculed .

I sure would love to see them try and succeed playing gouken , dan , sakura , or hell even Akuma , precisely the same way they do with Ryu and Ken . usually they shut up or dodge the argument , because they do know they wont .

I hope for the same level of differences , or an even bigger one , when/if Charlie comes back

Staircase3313d ago

More people need to get BlazBlue to see how much of a gem it is. I loved SFIV, but BlazBlue just crushes it for me. Amazing cast, story, and character skills that make each choice of character completely unique. Add in the amazing soundtrack, free collectors edition, and longevity of it, it was by far the best purchase of the year for me.

hay3313d ago

BB > T6 > SF4, IMO.

Simon_Brezhnev3313d ago

yeah blazblue is the best fighter this generation only people who complain are tekken and sf4 fans. Atleast in blazblue if you turtle you get penalized

Veneno3313d ago

RE: BlazBlue
what keeps me from liking the game is how ridiculously and needlessly high the combos can get. they should have just kept it to a Street Fighter level of combo execution. Hakumen is the only character that fits this. IMHO opinion this game is a step back from Guilty Gear.

RE: Sagat.
I think the only thing they need to change is how safe the tiger knee is. Scrubs spam that sh*t cause it is nearly unpunishable against certain characters (El Fuerte for one), just give the TK afew extra frames of recovery and POW, problem solved. and if they really need to reduce his HP and damage then so be it. But then who are the scrubs and newbz going to cling to? that's the real reason he is overpowered. so newbs n' scrubz don't quit the game right away.

But i think capcom will do an excellent job in balancing SSF4, because it would be lame as Hell to add 10 new characters and everyone still only picks Sagat and Ryu.

RE: Tekken 6
I checked out the new characters and realized thats the only thing new about this game. I guess the controls are a liitle less stiff.


The game is solid......offline, yeah I won't talk about what's been said a billion times. I believe the problem with this game is that everything is hand drawn, meaning time consuming, therefore, the KOF series is gonna take YEARS to return to its former glory. but i know it will in time.

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Baka-akaB3313d ago

Ok uncharted 2 is awesome but there is no way it got the best story of 09 . I dont think it would even beat most jrpgs and wrpg , since it's their job anyway , and a few other games from other genre .

LeonSKennedy4Life3313d ago

I'd have given it to Brutal Legend, honestly. I freakin' love that story!

Baka-akaB3313d ago

didnt think of brutal , but yeah as an example , it is indeed better in that area .

chidori6663313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

uc2 best game of 2009

killzone 2 best fps 2009

nothing new here... move along people :)

Most Underachieved Game halo wars ( big flop 2009)

Aquarius3313d ago

...and the same trend will continue throughout the new year.

the future has PS3 written all over it.

Bot: "Bu, bu, bu, bu, waa, waa"- you've run out of things to say now.

Troll_Police3313d ago

Bot: bu, bu, bu, bu, bu, Halo 3 10 millz!

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