Dark Void 20 Years In The Making

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Wow this is a great story. I never knew this game was supposed to come out in the 8-bit era".

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Elven63223d ago

The Crimson Skies people are behind it so I doubt it will be a bad game given their track record at FASA. It's all on Capcom to market the game.

thehitman3223d ago

the article title is pretty misleading. The game was produced about 20 years go but when the super nintendo released their idea for the game sort of become obselete so they put it away and it got lost in what they say a magnet accident. They havent been working on it for 20 years they just decided to bring the idea back from 20 years ago.

Quickstrike3223d ago

Lack of intelligence confirmed.

on topic: I read the article and it's pretty neat that a game from 20 years ago that was never released is getting another chance on modern day systems.

GVON3223d ago

hasnt this and lost planet 2 just been delayed?

ExcelKnight3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

In all fairness, you guys should read Bear McCreary's blog (the person who does the game's soundtrack).

Dark Void has NOT been in development for 20 years, they're just trying to rope in old-school Capcom fans by creating this fake backstory to the game. All for the better, since it seems to have convinced more than one person that this whole thing is true...

Dark Void Zero is the product of 2009's April Fool's Day joke on Capcom Unity, where Bear McCreary wanted to redo the title screen's music in 8-bit. That spawned an 8-bit game for DSi (Dark Void Zero).

Edit: Bear says it in one of the comments mid-way on this page.

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dirthurts3223d ago

This game looks good.
I'll play it.

OhMyGandhi3223d ago

this sounds like a definate flop to me.
Their videos look rough at best.
The story too incoherent with the designs and plain cliche.

Why does everyone think that the more time you spend making a game makes it better?

With the size of companies and all the people working on such a game, it's simply inexcusable.
Either they are a victim of insane circumstance or simply have no clue as how to make the game good.

I betcha the game designer got too caught up in the concept of the Bermuda triangle that he added too much and has been pulling his hair out trying to make it all "work" for the player.

SpoonyRedMage3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I just want to point out that the story may not be true at all, it's the backstory for Dark Void Zero on the DSiware. It's probably made up.

EDIT: What makes it even funnier is that this posted under PS3 and 360 but not DS when the story is about the DS game, not the PS3/360 game.

SpoonyRedMage3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

How am I pwned, I've seen the trailer for it, it doesn't mean it's true. It's a backstory for the game and considering that they have you blow dust from a NES cartridge indicates that the game is just a throwback.

EDIT: Unless you thought I was saying you made it up? I wasn't. I was saying Capcom made it up.

tordavis3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Duly noted. I thought you were saying we made it up so I linked the story on Capcom's site.


YoungJuvi3223d ago

SpoonyRedMage is not an average fanboy he actually knows what he is talking about.

And Yes Capcom made up the back story.

Cajun Chicken3223d ago

Hahaha, you fell for 'the Matt Hazzard marketing trick'.

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