2009: The Year "Red Ring of Death" Died

It was the single biggest issue that could have destroyed Microsoft's hope of being a strong competitor in the gaming industry. In its early days, the Xbox 360 suffered from a number of technical problems that would render the console useless, many of the issues were identified by a series of red flashing lights on the face of the console, with the three red flashing lights" Red Ring of Death" (RROD) being the most infamous. The situation was so bad back in 2005 that the courts almost ordered a recall of the system. But I've noticed something happening, not many are complaining about Xbox 360's shoddy hardware anymore; in fact the internet is so silent about the issue you could hear a pin drop, and with research after research and poll after poll coming out in favor of Microsoft's console, one must wonder, did the RROD plague that almost destroyed the Xbox 360 die in 2009?

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"2009: The Year "Red Ring of Death" Died"

oh i'm sure ps3 fans obviously disagree.

INehalemEXI3218d ago

You can't kill that which is already dead. To little to late .....etc. etc.

Merry Christmas

ssipmraw3218d ago

no i agree, its all about E74 now HAHAHAHA

Traveler3218d ago

E74 has never happened to me or any of my friends. It seems to be a relatively rare problem. Probably even rarer than the YLOD.

Hanif-8763218d ago

My friend had a Xbox360 arcade that died on him about two weeks ago with the Jasper chipset. So don't let these website fool you into buying faulty hardware because its gonna come crashing down on you within months or days of after purchase.

avengers19783218d ago

It's no longer a problem when the 360's stop failing, until then it's still a problem, and what you have to buy one made after march 2009 for this to be true...If yours was made before that then you are still in danger of getting an RRoD. So I guess when it does happen if you rebuy another 360 then your new is alot less likely to fail, so congrates the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th 360 you bought might not fail(this time)

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Swiftfox3218d ago

I think the trouble still exists its just dead to the media.

It's been accepted as a truth among consumers that yes the Xbox 360 has a higher rate of failure than normal. It seems common knowledge and there isn't much need to discuss it further.

The 3 year extended warranty on the Xbox 360 that covers the R.R.O.D ,as its called, seems to be enough for most.

Traveler3218d ago

Nah, I think the problem is dead and the media and certain fanboys still try to keep it alive.

Swiftfox3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

To be honest this is the first "article" that I have seen in awhile here at NG4 that has touched on the issue.

I can't say with any certainty that the problem does/doesn't exist anymore but I can say that because of the history of product it does make people alot more shy about trusting the hardware, trouble or no trouble.

green3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

This is a survey that was posted on N4G that a lot of fanboys hold on to
"SquareTrade found that the Xbox 360's failure rate was far higher than its rivals. Some 23.7 percent of those surveyed failed within two years of purchase: 12 percent from the infamous "Red Ring of Death" and 11.7 percent from other problems, including the "E74" error. Both problems are covered by the 360's three-year manufacturer's warranty,"

This is now another survey posted by the same company covering only consoles sold shortly after the introduction of the jasper unit

"SquareTrade found that Xbox 360 quality has improved dramatically since the third quarter of 2008, shortly before the 65nm CPU/GPU "Jasper" model was introduced. Since then, first-year failure rates have plummeted to below the 4 percent the company projected. Looking at 500 units purchased in 2009, SquareTrade found that less than 1 percent had suffered the Red Ring of Death."

But you are free to believe whatever news that will help you sleep better.


SaberEdge3218d ago

Exactly, Green. Thanks for pointing that out.

3sexty rulzzz3218d ago

that maddan Raiders was a die hard 360 fan. I disappeared for a while and when I got back he was bad mouthing microsoft and the xbox 360. somebody that owns a xbox must have whipped his @ss, LOL.

Anon19743218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

The report was released in August, and this only covers warranties through Squaretrade. These numbers are misleading for the simple fact that why, on earth, would anyone pay for Squaretrade's warranties when Microsoft has a 3 year warranty for free? Squaretrade's report would only cover a fraction of the systems out there, and how many of those do you think would actually be older consoles that were the ones prone to rrod?

Far from 2009 being the year that RROD died, in my experience it was the year that the last 360's died. It was in 2009 that the last two 360 owners left that I knew that hadn't yet had a console rrod on them finally experienced their first rrod. That's now 100% of 360 owners I know personally who have had a least one 360 console die on them. It's great that the Jasper boards are better.

That doesn't help the 29 million 360 owners who don't have a Jasper board. This issue is far from over.

zeeshan3218d ago

To be honest, my Jasper is working fine so far. I bought it last March but I don't play it for long. Besides that, I guess the winter season also has a thing or two here. RROD basically occurs because of over-heating. I guess the problem will rise again in the Summer though I hope I am wrong :)

Crimsonite3218d ago

I heard consoles dont rrod that much anymore but instead they create a problem on the screen in the form of I37(or something like that) which is the same problem as rrod just shown in a different way.

Lifendz3218d ago

and I hope MS won't repeat the same mistakes next time.

Anon19743218d ago

RROD may not be as frequent, but what about E74 errors? If Microsoft just replaced rrod with a new error code they can say to everyone that "RROD is way down and behind us" and not be lying through their teeth like they did back at the beginning when they said the failure rate was about 3% or so.

Where's Squaretrade's numbers on how often their warrantied consoles suffer E74? Do we have a cover up going on?

vhero3218d ago

The problem certainly didn't die! My 360 died this year thanks to RROD its just not as broadcast as much as it used to be as there's no point in keep advertising it over and over is there? 360 fans and owners on here will say different but of course that's normal but after 3 dead 360s I will never get one again.

Solidus187-SCMilk3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I sold my old one to a friend and told him it would break. He wanted it anyways and tt got 2RRoD. It was under warranty so he got a new one. The jasper that I have now is cooler and quieter. If I play installed games on it it stays way cooler than my SliM. Im worried that that will break and Ill have to pay to fix it.

There probably is still rrod problems because there are alot of old 360s. Microsoft should replace broken 360s with jaspers.

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starchild3218d ago

I'm sure glad we have radical PS3 fanboys like darkride66 and Saaking to tell us that RROD is still a problem, since I'm sure they'll give us the strait truth and their obvious anti-360 bias won't get in the way of their objectivity at all. /S

Seriously guys, you have an obvious agenda and you would be the last folks on the planet that I would trust on such an issue.

Never mind the fact that your claims directly contradict the most reliable and up to date information, as well as my and my friend's personal experience.

Anon19743218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

You're the one throwing around the fanboy label like it somehow negates valid points. I'm a 360 owner and have been from day one. My 360 was by far my console of choice until multiple instances of hardware failure forced me to play my PS3. Now I prefer my PS3. That's just how it goes sometime. I'm a gamer first and foremost which is why I still play my 360 occassionally. My gamertag's DarkrideHex66. Say hi some time.

I'm happy your friends have had no problems. They are in the majority as most Xbox 360's don't have any problems. Most people don't have diabetes either but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist for others. I'm personally on my forth console and every 360 owner I know personally has had a least one rrod. Maybe you can bury your head in the sand and say "Oh, they're just rabid Sony fans. RROD, despite multiple studies, surveys, retailer reports and court cases, simply doesn't exist."

It really doesn't matter what you have to say because I'm the one on my 4th console. I know it's the most unreliable system I've ever owned, and I know all my friends have had similar experiences with theirs. Whether you choose to accept these truths is irrelevant to those of us who continue to have to deal with pain in the ass 360 failures. The amount of console users affected by this number in the millions.

Microsoft has spent billions on this problem. That's billions, with a B. If you counted to a billion, uninterrupted, it would take close to 32 years. There's confirmation right there that this problem is real. You think Microsoft would just write off billions on a non-issue?

This article is dead wrong. 360 failures are still a huge issue. End of.

FamilyGuy3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

RROD was switched to e74 this year, or did we all forget the rise of e74 as RROD fell? They decided to cover it under their warranty simply because it was the exact same problem and only changed the sign of the failure through firmware update to make the media think RRODs were going away. Good job M$, you're a tricky one. ;)

DJ3218d ago

I don't know what that individual was thinking when they wrote that farce.

SilentNegotiator3218d ago


What a dumb claim. Dead to the media, maybe.

edgeofblade3216d ago

Let me make it simple for you:

If you are a PS3 fanboy, the 360 has a 99.9% failure rate, and anyone who has a working Xbox must be the .1%, though you aren't sure the Xbox 360 sold even a thousand units so the .1% is even a whole person.

If you are a 360 fanboy, the 360 failure rate within 3 years in 0% because if Microsoft replaces it, it doesn't count.

I'm inclined to believe that more older boxes will fail, Microsoft will still replace them, people will still curse Microsoft's name, and the world will keep on gaming. So, enough with the crusade against the evil capitalist Microsoft.

In the meantime, please tell me of another company that bent over backwards at a more obtuse angle to fix the issue. We are talking BILLIONS spent on replacing MILLIONS of Xboxes. I don't want to whitewash the issue, but people are pretty ungrateful for Microsoft's efforts to deal with this situation. It's about time everyone got over it. Especially anyone whose comment got deleted. I'm sure there was a great reason, and I would have loved to read what you had to say...

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crazyturkey3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

might have been almost eradicated on the new consoles, but what about the ones that have been sold prior to this year? They still have that LITTLE problem. New ones have to deal with the infamous E74.

My 360 is still kicking, but I just know its a matter of time before it dies on me and since my warranty has expired I would have to pay to get it repaired which is something that I'm not planing on doing.