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Brad T writes: "Overall, I found Revenge of the Wounded Dragons to be a good time and an afternoon well spent. If you're a fan of the old school and you have a fellow Wounded Dragon who would like to exact Revenge with, I suggest you give it a download."

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nogolis3217d ago

When I heard the game was like Double Dragon meets Bad Dudes from the director of the game himself, I jumped for joy and jumped into the PSN store front to buy it. After I did I regretted my decision to get this over Cubiod and or any other game worth a damn.

The game, while not the worst game I've bought on the network, is still not even the most average game I've bought on the network. It's below that standard too. What made Double Dragon so appealing wasn't the kick, punch, head butt and jump kick move set, rather the characters and art style. It had very little story but what was there was workable and straight forward enough for us to care about seeing the two guys get their girl back in the end.

This game doesn't even pull off that. Hell, to me, Double Dragon, a near 22 year old game, looks better than this one. I dunno, it's not bad. It's not good and it's not average. It's just there and I think that's the worst part about all of it.

monkey nuts3217d ago

I was a big fan of DD so I would have been more than tempted to get this. Sony should put out trials/ demos for newly released PSN titles. Too many times I've avoided supposedly good games simply because there was no way of trying before you buy. Fat princess and Trine are two examples. I would have got both if they had demos out at release but by the time the demos finally hit I had other games to keep me busy and my wallet shut.
By the way if you like pool games then I'd recommend Hustle Kings, lots of content, realistic physics, gorgeous visuals and the online multiplayer is a blast. Well worth the £6 investment imo.