King Mickey gets pissed: Birth by Sleep new (full) scans

Leaks showed partial shots, but now the FULL, detailed scans are here, including more in-game looks at Lea and Isa. And Mickey Mouse is wearing an expression unusual to his character. Someone's gonna die.

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Ninji3219d ago

It's not the first time it has happened either.

freelancerx83219d ago

looks like its gonna be a great game i wonder what way its going to make use of the PSP

LeonSKennedy4Life3219d ago

I'm buying a PSP again just for this.

I really want a PSP Go too...

: )

Here's hoping for a price cut after the holidays.

I need it for this and Peace Walker.

tehReaper3219d ago

The PSP Go's are really nice. I got one for Christmas. The screen is smaller, but you'll notice everything is sharper. Better blacks and better whites, IMO.

knifefight3219d ago

Hm? I thought Birth by Sleep wasn't going to be available for PSPGo download? Perhaps I'm confused. It's releasing with its own special PSP 3000 in Japan, oddly enough.

Sevir043219d ago

It'll answer alot of questions about the KH universe, and then they need to tie everything up with a PS3 based game for this series.

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