Power consumption doubles PlayStation 3 cost

There cannot be any doubt about it, the PlayStation 3 is an astonishing device. It wields the same amount of power as a mighty gaming PC while measuring just a fraction of the size. It handles Blu-ray movies with ease and the graphics it can produce are nothing short of stunning.

Its main criticism has been its price, though. When it launched in the UK it cost £425 and you still can't get one for much less than 400 quid. And unfortunately for gamers, this is not the end of the story with the PS3.

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achira4740d ago

what bs. when you buy a car do you calculate how much the fuel will cost you when you drive 10 years, or how much this and that costs ? lol, some ppl are very ill. the same is with every console, yes the xbox360 needs current too! about the same like the ps3, so whats the point about this bs article ?

nobizlikesnowbiz4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Haha achira its called MATH buddy...

Maybe you should do some calculations on how much its costing you not to play games but to rather be [email protected] hahahaha.

EDIT: I'm getting hasseled for hasseling achira? How much power does [email protected] use? Probably a good amount, which is why I made the comment about it.

fenderputty4740d ago

it's called post number 3 NOB. Maybe you should read beyond the lame fanboy comment and come to some real conclusions.

Fat Onion4740d ago

I am sure many people do. That is why hybrid and other types of cars will become more popular.

ps3gogetitt4740d ago

He's simply making a point, don't be a fanboy...everything electronic needs power, it just happens that among consoles the ps3 cost the most, which isn't really a big deal it's around the same as xbox live per month which we have free (i know not as good as live yet but still free)

Fat Onion4740d ago

Xbox live only cost $50 per year. Based on that website the PS3 would cost around $200/yr in power. Thats over $150 more per year than X360

masterg4740d ago

@Fat Onion

So based on your calculations the 360 cost $0 per year in power. Wow maybe that's why it makes so much noise.

soccerstar4740d ago

ya thats true that it has a 380w power supply but that doesnt mean that it maxes out that power supply when in reality it only uses about 200w while playing games, only 20w more than the 360

fenderputty4740d ago

already debunked this crappy FUD. Thanks for the link.

TheExecutive4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

EXACTLY... Just because a car has 400hp doesnt mean it uses it at all times... bubbles for you sir

WTF... why am i losing my bubbles?

Edit: Lol who disagrees with that and why?

StateofMind4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Yeah this is like FUD risen from the dead. This was a big deal right after the PS3 launched, and was debunked shortly after.

VendettaWFT4740d ago

Nice link. I'm def. buying a Wii if electricity starts to become as abundant as fossil fuels

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SmokeyMcBear4740d ago

didn't they do a study on this power consumption thing, with the wii not using a lot of power, and both the 360 and ps3 using significantly more. Although the ps3 did use more energy during most situations, it was a negligible amount.

Keyser4740d ago

Find something better to do dude posing as a chick. Seriously, there are several million porn sites where you can be a foul as you want.

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The story is too old to be commented.