50 Greatest Games of the Decade, Part IV

GameStooge continues with the 50 Greatest Games of the Decade, and the countdown has reached 20 through 11. It is here that some of the powerhouses start to appear. Seven of the games are from the last three years that became instant classics, while three others are old games from 2003 and earlier that are still played today and spoken of with reverence.

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Gun_Senshi3311d ago

if there is no COD2, Systemshock 2, and fallout 1/2 in higher places then this list, then the list fails.

Even the director of Bioshock says himself he failed to reach the quality of System Shock 2

JonahFalcon3311d ago

System Shock 2 came out in 1999. It's not eligible for 2000-2009.

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