Resident Evil 5 DLC was a part of RE5 from the start

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

In a recent interview with the Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation, Resident Evil 5 assistant producer Mie Suzuki gave a little more insight into the scenarios planned for the DLC. Apparently, the Desperate Escape and Lost in Nightmares levels were planned from the start of the game's development, but removed to improve the pacing of the narrative.

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3sq3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Capcom sucks

RE 5 pay to unlock modes on disc.
Megaman 9 pay to unlock modes.
Street Fighter 4 pay to unlock characters on disc.
RE5 Gold Edition release with stuff which supposed were to be on disc.
Super Street Fighter 4 release with stuff which were suppose to be on disc.

Capcom you suck.

Kain813219d ago

that the Gold edition for PS3 ia all in one DISC
the 360 version gets the same Resident evil 5 that is out already, but with a download code for the DLC

i believe that RE5 was dumped down like FF13 is dumped down, cause its a MULTI

crck3219d ago

Damn that is pretty sad. What's that? Another 2 or 3 gigs eaten up on a 360 hard drive. I guess Capcom is in cahoots with MS to force people to eventually buy those ridiculously overpriced hard drives.

rezenu3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I agree.

DLC is ridiculous for gamers.

Commander TK3218d ago

stupid decisions they made by screwing PS fans by putting PS3 planned exclusives on the 360

thats_just_prime3218d ago

Funny thing is by doing this they are actually losing money from me at least. I rarely buy a game the day it comes out anymore. I wait for them to re release it with all the DLC already in it and then I buy it for like 20-30 dollars.

Oh btw Kain I think youre confuse things are dumped down for the ps3 not the 360.

Commander TK I think you have that backward to it was stupid for them to release their 360 exclusives on the ps3 but it very smart for them to but ps3 exclsuvieson the 360. If you dont believe me look at the sales. Games that were once 360 exclusive sell like crap on the ps3. While games that were once ps3 exclusive sell extremely well on the 360. In fact they normally sell better on the 360 then they do on the ps3. If you want to know why its simple fanboys own ps3 and gamers own 360

Commander TK3218d ago

Here we go with the sales argument again. A being PS3 exclusive is great quality wise and quantity wise. Look at inFamous, a new IP that has sold over 1 million copies. Imagine how much DMC4 would have sold if Capcom would have used the power of cell processor and the Blu-Ray disc capacity. Look at RE5, what a dissapointment.

lightningsax3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I think that this stream of DLC is okay to plan out and make as an extra part of the game, so long as it isn't god-awful. However, that Versus Mode-ish thing they released earlier was something a bit *too* extra, something like a 1-minute behind the scenes look on a Blu-Ray or DVD being peddled after the sale.

Gamers will pay for extra RE5 single-player content if they're substantial additions, regardless of the date of creation. Gamers paid for extra multiplayer BS for RE5 previously because there wasn't anything else new out there at the time. I understand that companies need to make money with DLC, but that doesn't give anyone the excuse of making the DLC not worth the money.

To sum it up, don't just blindly hate this part of the RE5 DLC fiasco yet - continue to hate the versus mode, and don't buy crappy DLC just because of some gaming dry season. Capcom will listen to your money, not your rage.

mastiffchild3217d ago

That's just prime-I think RE5, like SF4 and Tomb Raider(like many multis with a stromng PShistory) sold better on the PS3 anyway, IIRC. DMC4 was a different story but was released when there was a vast install difference between the consoles. Whether they would have made the sales gap by staying exclusive is doubtful, mind, though only making the omne console version would clearly cut costs(possibly up to a third) so it might be close.

Whatever, it's a myth that "gamers" buy the 360 as we're all gamers whether we own one, two, all three and a PC so it's a daft argument-made more so here as Resi still sold best on PS3.

Thing is, and I'm not saying a 360 is better or worse than a PS3 as we'll never know, exclusives are always likely to have the edge while parity is the main issue for multiplat developments as it has been this generation. While that's the case they have two sets of console weaknesses and no strengths-so the exclusive which can concentrate on just the strengths of it's p[latform SHOULD always outperform the multi and jad Capcom made a true exclusive mainline title this gen I imagine that would be borne out here as well as by Gears, Killzone2 and Uncharted.

As for Capcom's new found "inner kotick"-sod 'em. iIt's nopt like their games are ANYWHERE near what they were lastgen or previously, is it? On Wii they've been(ports of RE4 and OKami and the new MH aside) almost insulting while RE5<RE4, DMC4<DMC3 and SF4<SF2 and so on. Now they're just plainly ripping us off should we be shocked? they USED to listen but they wrecked RE5 and conned us over the most useless multiplayer ever to boot(not to ,mention SF4 costumes). Seriously, I know some of us think they're on some kind of form but I cannpt see it and am praying my once fave dev/publisher finds it's form and it's class sometime soon as so far this gen I've been really let down by most titles.

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Bnet3433219d ago

*sigh* Once again I hold my head in shame for representing these greedy suns a bishes with my Ryu avatar. Capcom ... WTF! Why? Why do this to loyal fans? SMH ... v_v I don't even know if I want to buy this. And 3sq is right, they ripped off like crazy this generation.

gauntletpython3219d ago

Ubisoft and Ass Creed 2 last week, Capcom and RE5 this week. I wish the casuals would stop supporting DLC so we could get it at a lower price at least.

shadowfox3219d ago

I'm mixed on this stuff. Things always get cut from games, that doesn't mean they were cut so they could monetize them.

Like Shadow of the Colossus had 5-6 other bosses, like a dragon boss and a spider boss, that were cut. Now, obviously they didn't cut them so they could sell them as DLC because they didn't exist back in the PS2 days. They cut them to keep the flow of the game.

How they worded this Resident Evil stuff sounds bad, but I'm sure they are just extraneous side missions.

VanHalen3219d ago

really? i never knew they cut out extra bossess outta SOTC. Such an excellent game and dying for them to remaster it in HD! Luckily my PS3 is BC so i play it in progressive scan widescreen upscaled and graphics smoothed out. looks pretty damn good actually, better than it did when i first played it back then on a sony wega.

LeonSKennedy4Life3219d ago

Not sure, man.

I had a 20 GB PS3 and played SotC on progressive scan.

Honestly, it looks better on my PS2 in progressive scan. : ) I have a 120 GB Slim PS3 now though.


Perkel3219d ago

60g eu version is better than na version.

It scales up to 1080p and gives more AA :D

gaffyh3219d ago

Woah imagine if they make a Ico collection and add the extra bosses! That would be so worth buying.

shadowfox3218d ago

Yeah, they're pretty cool.




Funny how we would pay for this cut DLC but not the RE5 one. Just goes to say SOTC is an infinitely better game :P

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saint_john_paul_ii3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

examples of Good DLC:

-Burnout Paradise: Criteron updates the game with all the content thats DLC, so it can get unlocked later when you buy.

-LBP: does the samething as Burnout Paradise.

Examples of Bad DLC:

-RE5, SFIV: having all the DLC on the disc in the first place, then unlock by Buying...

-Assasin's Creed 2: same as RE5 and SFIV.

Cheeseknight283219d ago

Add in Katamari for bad. Or Vesperia. Or SoulCalibur 4. Or any Scamco game.

Though, I wouldn't get LBP a free pass. There is an overload of content on the store and most of it shouldn't be limited time, especially when it's just gonna come back up next year. And paying $6 for basically 3 Metal Gear levels? I'm just glad they are high quality and fairly lengthy or I would have been pissed.

Automat3219d ago

On the other hand it is kinda stupid having to download 2 GB of DLC that you are NOT going to buy!

saint_john_paul_ii3218d ago

well the thing with the LBP MGS4 level pack is, it not only gives you a few levels of DLC, but, they expect you to use all of the assets to make LBP levels out of it. so its worth the $6, just like the Pirates of the Carribean Level kit.

monkey6023218d ago

Another great example would be Fallout or Rockband.
Borderlands seems to be supported well too

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