The IGN Buzz Meter: Games of 2010

While 2009 had its fair share of big games to come out, this may be the first time that gamers have more to be excited about after the holidays rather than before. Due to arrival of mega-sellers like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, numerous publishers have moved back the release of their favored titles into early 2010 to earn them their own time in the spotlight, making it one jam packed game-fest right away in 2010. But with all of these hot titles arriving, which ones are you the readers showing the most interest in? Well thanks to the new Buzz meter here at IGN, we can see where the buzz is at for each console.

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The_Devil_Hunter3224d ago

The Only games I want are not going to be out next year...

Final Fantasy versus XIII & DMC5 which hasnt even been unveiled.

So just FFvsXIII

the_bebop3223d ago

White Knight Chronicles should be on this list.

3223d ago