ActionTrip 2009: Game of the Year

ActionTrip writes:

It's time for us to sit back and recap on what made this year stand out in terms accomplishments in one of the most popular forms of electronic entertainment. Unlike last year, 2009 brought considerably more to each genre. As much as we enjoy reviewing games and handing out honors to those that deserve them, we also have to navigate through the ocean of gaming crappiness, which usually involves playing a variety of underdeveloped titles, in addition to waves and waves of pathetically mediocre attempts to entertain the masses (yes, movie tie-ins and diverse forms of franchise milkage included).

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cereal_killa3223d ago

I'm not saying Batman AA wasn't a good game but I thought this site was a joke not to have nothing but Multiplat's in the GOTY section only to read more into the site and find out its a 360/PC site only.

3222d ago