GameTrailers Game of the Year 2009: Most Disappointing Game

GameTrailers: "Which game drew in the most attention only to achieve epic failure?"

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nogolis3218d ago

Bionic Commando was actually very well done and graphically impressive on a lot of fronts. It might not be the longest game or the deepest game but it was one of the best games I played this year.

I'd put it in my top 10, easily.

Godmars2903218d ago

BC takes dings because it was suggest to be open world when it wasn't. Not only had invisible walls but blue mist.

nogolis3218d ago

To be honest, I never thought the game to be open world ever. From the moment I saw it, I thought it looked very on rails. It reminded me of an onimusha or a devil may cry, actually. Well, in terms of structure. That is how I initially thought it to be.

Hisiru3216d ago

BC is a great game but I wouldn't put it in my top 10 because we had a lot of excellent games this year.

cemelc3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I hope C*apcom takes note cos 2 games are from them.

TVippy3215d ago

Yes, and if it was open-world it never could've pulled off those impressive graphics.

zeeshan3215d ago

IMO Resident Evil 5 was the biggest disappointment of 2009. After RE4, we all had high expectations and Capcom had every chance to deliver a stunning game with the next-gen consoles instead they opted to place a steroid-high-crazy-big-muscles -Chris with weak story and characters and absolutely no horror element in the gameplay. It was without a doubt a huge disappointment.

vhero3215d ago

TH Ride definitely deserved the biggest disappointment although I didn't play it but from reviews I'm glad I didn't. RE5 didn't deserved to be nominated though.

TheBlackSmoke3215d ago

^^^You expected TH ride to be good in the first place?

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happy_gilmore3216d ago

along with flopza and failo odst

EvilBlackCat3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

yeah! of course Flopza, Failo and MW2... let me guess a PS3 fanboy right?

Killjoy30003216d ago

Because MW2 is a 360 exclusive right? GTFO.

ThatCanadianGuy3216d ago


Why don't you show him how? After all, you're the resident blowjob queen of N4G.

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Killjoy30003216d ago

I wouldn't have chosen Tony Hawk Ride, as that game never had me excited in the first place. I was expecting mediocrity of the highest degree with this title. Now GT PSP on the other hand, was (only a little) disappointing because of very small issues. Like the changing store, lack of career mode, and only 6 cars on track. I'm also kinda mad at the media for tearing it apart though. A legendary name like GT doesn't deserve so much hate.

table3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I guess they expected ps3 standards on the psp. A lot of websites don't know how to review psp games because they have no system of comparison for it. It results in them getting compaired against console games over DS games because they tend to be more similar to the consoles.

Killjoy30003216d ago

So the consensus is that PSP games are so technologically advanced for portable gaming technology that they get compared against their console counterparts? With this logic, I suppose they should start reviewing Wii games against HD PS3 and Xbox 360 games. Funny how the Wii gets a free pass.

mastiffchild3216d ago

GTPSP has shown me, anyway, that PD seem to have to work so much harder to impress people than any other developer. I honestly think that any other dev with the same game(under a different name) would have got far, far better reviews for their efforts.

Dev cycle length and budget have nothing to do with how good, bad or disappointing a game is and they should be judged purely on the content and quality and, to be fair, the price they release at(as value is a very big issue and really affected ODST scores with MS justifying it's full price status by re-selling us oldcontent for example), imo. PD have such an impressive record that expectations are unreasonable-it was never gonna be as striking as a home HD console game or have the same features of a 360 Forza,PS3 GT game. However, it's so far above any other handheld driving game/driving sim that it's embarrassing and also a game that rewards long play time which also hurt it at review as it really improves with more time spent on it and on your career. I love Motorstorm AE on PSP for it's arcade thrills and spills(great PS3 to PS3 format exchange post M2 PR)but it doesn't really stand up to the looks, physics, features, realism and depth of GTPSP-and it's the second best driving game on the system beating out Sega's ageing effort(though SR on PSP has been a good game for a long time).

So, imo, the best game about cars on PSP or DS should have been treated a lot better at review than it was and I fear the expectations will hurt it's big brother when it arrives in much the same way! However, possibly even worse as sopmemedia types seem hell bent on bashing GT5 because of it's dev cycle length-which, to me, is totally irrelevant to how you enjoy a game you might buy. Just judge the game, FFS, and not any surrounding BS as there may be a million reasons for delays and protractions that we, and the press, never even hear about. Honestly, it annoys the life out of me when it feels like some games get a free pass while others have to perform well beyond the realms of possibility to gain similar praise.

Maybe I shouldn't be so bothered but being someone who's spent years reviewing things as diverse as cars, music, sport and gaming I think I'm entitled to an opinion when I see writers who, imo, go into a review with an agenda other than just giving gamers a fair idea of what they can expect when they open the box and put their new game in the tray. Some had made their mind up thayt ODST should be marked down for being glorified, overpriced DLC, for example, while others marked it from a position of total Halo fanboyism and blessed it despite it's failings and GTPSP has been marked unfairly, imo, by other reviewers who put unreasonable expectations onto the game. I long fopr either the end of scores OR a unified approach to them instead and a world where games are all reviewed from the same starting point using the same yardsticks as each other.

Right now, we suffer from a lot of reviews igniting flamewars because there's little to no common rules applied to reviewing and when Metacritic averages are so interesting and important to the industry(to the point we get publishers bribing sites!)I think there needs to be. Also, for the more experience gamer(like those frequentimng sites and forums like this)it might not affect us too much as we'll read around the web and take in our own , valueed sites scores/reviews over others but a more casual gamer may be unfairly put off if the only review they read happens to be a poor review written from a less than truly objective starting point-hardly fair on gamer or developer, is it?

table3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

if you look at edge for example, they gave kz2 a 7/10 and Lets Tap on wii an 8/10. That's the problem with looking at the score of reviews, it's not always a fair reflection of the overall quality especially when the reviewers don't know how their own scale works. I don't begrudge sites for falling into this trap though because it can be difficult to avoid.

PSNTomaz3216d ago

I agree killjoy, when ever GTPSP is mentioned in a bad way, they never talk about its true purpose and PS3 integration with GT5 when it comes out. GT PSP is a good casual game

STK0263216d ago

actually, they compared GTPSP to any "full" GT on consoles, from GT 1 to the soon to come GT 5. No one denied the fact that GT PSP was a very impressive technical feat for the handheld, however, it lacked basic features that are not only expected from a GT experience, but from a racing game in general. The game felt much more like a tech demo than a full game. It doesn'T mean it's a mess, but expectations were high, considering it is a GT game, but it didn't deliver the GT experience. This award is not for the worst game of the year, but for the most disappointing one, and I for one believe that considering the expectations for anything coming out of PD, GT PSP was a disappointment.

Even when compared to the other handheld racer that came out around the same time, Motorstorm AE, lack of fundamental features prevented GT from being the top game between the two. MS:AE didn't look as good, did not feature as many vehicles, I think it had less tracks and had quite a few rough edges, but in the end, it was, according to myself and the reviews, the better game. That's actually saying something, as GT is usually receiving praise from players and reviewers alike, usually scoring in 9s, while MS has had lower scores (alot of 8s).

Greywulf3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

But somehow, everyone ignored PD & SONY, bought the game, then complained about the fact its not GT4 on a PSP. Im a huge GT fan, but I dont get how you can do a handheld GT... Im thinking of getting it for the GTpsp-GT5 handoff, but I'll do that when GT5 comes out. It wasn't hyped to have a campaign, or customization. Which is the only reason I'd disagree with it being a disappointment as far as HYPE vs Reality.

I kinda was shocked to see the same previewers truncate the games score due to what it was missing versus what it had to offer. It would be like reviewing KZ2 for its driving sim portion.

lightningsax3215d ago

I fully agree with Tony Hawk: Ride being the most disappointing game of the year. Even if you expected mediocrity, it's a far fall to go from mediocre to "Hey, maybe my cat can play this game." Add extensive T-Mobile advertising throughout the game, and you've got yourself a joke. The PR made us think there was some form of money and power behind this product, hopefully some QA, making it at least palatable. It got a big chunk of time at the MS E3 presentation, for instance.

Actually, I agree with just about everything on this list. I like that GT came to the PSP, but I played every game in the GT series for that career/simulation mode.

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Darrius Cole3216d ago

If you change the control scheme in your game, the reviewers will hate you for it.

Szarky3216d ago

New control style... awesome execution.

ThatCanadianGuy3216d ago

ODST was by far the biggest failure of the year.

Oh man..i remember 360 zealots hyping that game to the high heavens and beyond.

"Just watch droids! ODST will look better than Killzone 2!!!"

chidori6663216d ago

resident evil 5+brutal legend= big fail of 2009

AliTheBrit193216d ago

Link me to a comment on N4G which said anything close to

"Just watch droids! ODST will look better than Killzone 2!!!"

You can't, can you? thats the sad thing, its all in your head...

ThatCanadianGuy3216d ago

Here you go!
"Even Halo 3 ODST will have better Multi-Player and graphics"

Just one of the many lol.

I see you getting owned on every comment you make..
Why do you still try? Don't you have any dignity left?
Oh play 360..


AliTheBrit193216d ago

Why do you resent me it because I once commented aside you as a PS3 fanboy? and now I enjoy both consoles, you can call me a fanboy all you want but I still own and enjoy both consoles, you on the otherhand..

So between us both, who would you say is the real gamer, and why? ;)


just admit u got owned, u ask for proof so he gave it.
anyways, here s another reason y i would not buy a 360 just to save my eardrums from this

ThatCanadianGuy3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Completely change the subject eh? Sad.

Anyways, i don't resent you at all.You always reply to me with these smartass comments and i casually, with little to no effort, own you every time.

Who is a true gamer you say? LOL! I love when people pull out the..
"Bu..bu..but i play both consolez, i'm a true gamer!!"

Yeah well, i own Two PS3's, 72 PS3 games, a 360, 2 360 games, A gaming Rig with 21 PC games (All paid for, No pirating for me) A PS2 with over 50 great games.PSP 1000 & PSP Go with around 13 games and i still have my original xbox with 11-12 games.Hell, i'm sure i still have my box with my SNES and it's games around here somewhere.

So, i'd have to say i'm more of a real gamer than you are. :)

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