EA Interview

Eurogamer got the chance to sit down for a chat with Brown, and discuss how strong EA's line-up is looking, who's got the best chance of winning the next-gen console war, and whether it's fair to say that EA relies too much on sequels instead of producing more original IP... Read on to find out what he had to say.

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Dick Jones6284d ago

Guy seems fairly intelligent.

BoneMagnus6284d ago (Edited 6284d ago )

I like this guy's straight forward responses. His "business first" model will likely offend the "arteests" of the gaming world, but we often forget that these are companies - and companies' top priority is sales.

I also agree with what he said about Sony. Look, I love my 360, and will wait until the verdict is out on the PS3, but I think the position that Sony has made fatal errors is grossly exagerated. It never ceases to amaze me how the gaming public have the audacity to question top executives/programmers/ engineers when we have no formal education or practical experience to back it up. Anyway, I guess I went on a bit of a rant. Sorry!

Dick Jones6284d ago

"It never ceases to amaze me how the gaming public have the audacity to question top executives/programmers/ engineers when we have no formal education or practical experience to back it up."
Same could be said about the people who disagree with Bush. According to your statement, unless you have the formal education he had at HARVARD or practical experience of single handedly leading the greatest superpower in the world then please shut the **** up. Right? Thats what your getting at?

deepio6284d ago (Edited 6284d ago )

I agree, it certainly doesn't take a genius to speculate on the gaming industry.


yes, i think we have the right to question their actions. EA act as if the public know nothing of gaming or the dirty side of the industry. Not all of us are sheep you know!

Dick Jones6284d ago (Edited 6284d ago )

Yupp and laughing at us all the way, while BOTH democrates and republicans conspire TOGETHER; as in with each other party's help on how to get more money out of us.

Dick Jones6284d ago

2.4 was directed towards deepio's post for which he not only edited but completely wiped clean and added a different comment entirely.

deepio6284d ago

Yeh sorry about that, I thought you were making a pro bush statement, but you weren't, so I retracted it completely.

Silver3606284d ago

We can question anyone that asks for our money. Anyone t5hat tells us to work overtime so we can give them more money. It isn't about the technology. The system will be good. The games will be good eventually, but when you ask for my money you have to justify it to me!!!!

JPomper6283d ago

Crap, man... EA's crutch is that they're in it for money. They couldn't care less if people are happy with the game, just that they purchase it.

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Actually EA are having huge problems developing games for the PS3. All the 360 games currently run faster and look better-

"EA brought its gorgeous new racer by the IGN office Wednesday, and it took no time for PS3 editor Chris Roper to write up a massive three-page preview on Need for Speed Carbon. I gave the 360 version a go and was impressed with the three different car classes: muscle, exotic and "tuner" cars, which are pimped-out Civics, as Roper puts it. We saw a quick tease of the PS3 version and came away with one quick conclusion: NFSC does not look very hot on the PS3 right now. Still, there's plenty of time before this baby ships and we expect it to be on par with the 360 version."

It's the same for Madden 360!

In reference to sony:
"These guys aren't dumb."

No, they pay you a lot to pretend it's all going well, don't they Mr.Brown?

achira6284d ago

your comment is a joke ! no source, no proof, no sense, not true. should i say more ? look at cod3, its has better graphics on the ps3. you are talking obviously bs.

shotty6284d ago

Why would he lie. Archira are you living in denial. Face the truth for once. Xbox 360 doesn't fastforward or rewind MP3s that's a fact but maybe in the future we can. The PS3 looks like crap compared to the xbox 360, that might change in the future it might not. The ps3 right now is in the same situation as blu-ray when the ps3 launches. There will be a product that looks better and is far cheaper. Sure the PS3 looks good on paper just how Blu-ray looks good on paper with a theorectical capacity of 50GB. The thing is life is real and not theorectical, HD-DVD looks significantly better that Blu-ray and is also half the price of blu-ray. I have a feeling the same for the Xbox 360.

Everyone check out major nelsons podcast this week. It is really good and talks about blu-ray and hd-dvd. Really really informative and makes a lot of sense. Majornelson.com is the site,

THELANDSOFSAND6284d ago (Edited 6284d ago )


go read achira, its about halfway down the page. The madden preview also says this.

I don't need to lie about how crappy the PS3 is looking. It's obvious to everyone but the blind fanboys.

COD3 is looking identicle on PS3/360. Plus the 360 version features Live! network support, whereas the PS3 has to use slow-@ss developer servers because sony won't offer unified online service. PS3 will LAGGGGGGGGG!

achira6283d ago

"why would he lie" ? we know why.
hd-dvd better than blue ray ? you know thats not true (you biased reviews dont say anything). but blue ray films are chaeper than hd-dvd.
"ps3 looks like crap compared to the xbox360" ? what a joke its the other way around, you know it. the only who cant face the trurh are you. when someone says something good about the ps3, then sony pays them. but you know thats the other way araound. you know ms pays a lot money that ppl say bad things about the ps3 and sony.


ummm. no

nobody has to pay anybody anything to say bad stuff about the PS3. its a struggle to find something good to say!

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ASTAROTH6284d ago

To all the 360 fans saying that microsoft is interested in gamers not like sony which is only interested in MONEY. Dumb guys this is business, no one really cares about gamers. They only cares about our money. Its obbious that EA has respect for SONY, they had make their fortune with the PS2. They are not loyal to anyone (LAND OF SAND). Theyre only making money out of old franchises. They bougth the competition. Theyre arrogant as hell. In my opinion EA is the worst and most oportunist video game company out there. As they said this is bussines, they dont even care about us. They said something that I agrre with. They are looking to the biggest user base and in this area the 360 has an advantage rigth now. So as always expect great things from EA to the 360 and crappy ports( money making oriented) to the PS3. This is simple, this is business you all retarded fans who come to blame one to another.

deepio6284d ago

You're right, Microsoft do put sales ahead of anything else just like any business should. BUT, you tell me the last time Sony actually did anything based on the feedback from its customers? At least Microsoft seem to be doing just that. Just look at the 360 Dashboard changes recently made. Microsoft are a company that like user and community feedback, it's ever present with the majority of their software and services. I'll be interested to see how often Sony will be making changes to their online service based on customer response!

ACE6284d ago

you took the words out of my mouth....

spot on mate.........

sony dont care about there sony droid fans lol

ASTAROTH6284d ago

About what you said. Sony did consult its consummers via a poll, or survey wathever you prefer to name it. It was made via the PLAYSTATION UNDERGROUND members. I complete the poll, but that doent mean Sony is interested in my opinion. In the end they give S##t about my opinion. The same goes to Microsoft. Dont be so Irrational trying to defend a company that the only thing that matters to all of them is MONEY.About the dashboar changes, Microsoft knows the online and computer market better than anyone so keep improving on that cause they know its their strong selling point in the next gen. That is a Business strategy that I give the credit to them. It worked with the original Xbox, so they are sure it is going to work for the 360.

deepio6283d ago

Whether Microsoft improved their dashboard because they know their online service is a key selling point is beside the point. The did it based on customer feedback which is an example of customer focus we have yet to see from Sony. An playstation underground members poll is hardly an example of this, as you say.

Yes, Businesses are in it for the money, but it isn't that simple, that's a rather shortsighted view of a businesses goals. Sure, Microsoft are no saints, hell I've sworn at Bill quite a few times when I've got the blue screen of death, but personally I feel like I'm goin to get more from them when something goes wrong or there's something I don't like than I would from Sony. When my PS2 broke, I had a b1tch of a time trying to get a replacement, it took forever. My 360 was back to me within a week.

TheXgamerLive6283d ago (Edited 6283d ago )

It's a strugle now to find anything at all to say that's good about the ps3. I'm tired of hearing crap about this system that's not even out yet and so far wont be able to come out in it's current state. It's crap, it's bottleneck 3 it's unplayable.

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USMChardcharger6284d ago (Edited 6284d ago )

well i always thought that EA supported the PS2 better than the original xbox.
and he backed that up saying they go with the biggest installed base.

now we are seeing them do more for M$.

EA is clearly about money and not much more.

(on a side note, i can't help but like this guy though...seems honest and motivated for games)