OnLive Beta Still Expanding, Public Launch On Track For 2010

OnLive vice president John Spinale thanked the cloud gaming service's beta participants in a new blog post today. He also gave a general status report.

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Blaster_Master3224d ago

Beta testing on the pc has already begun. Im good on that though. I wouldn't mind trying onlive on my 120 inch screen and projector.

El_Colombiano3224d ago

At 720p that would look nasty.

Pandamobile3224d ago

1080p wouldn't look much better.

OpenGL3224d ago

I suspect this service at 720p will already be full of compression artifacts and latency issues. Not everyone is ready for 720p streaming so doubling the resolution to 1080p right now is not ideal.

SilentNegotiator3224d ago

Why would you WANT to use Onlive (AKA Phantom 2.0)?

Not to mention your internet bill when you go far past the limit of bandwidth that many, if not most, services have. And the servers probably won't hold up.

DeadlyFire3222d ago

I don't like the whole not owning games and not holding the discs part of OnLive, but I don't mind it from STEAM. So its not like its anything different. That is free to browse through though. I question the input lag scenario though. Despite what is claimed that they could make up for it. I question whether such a thing is possible. I would love to see solid evidence with a game match of 64 or more players on some game running on the service.

Subscription fee for this service is gonna be what really pushes people away from it though. If its too high then not many are gonna jump right into it.

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Its highly unlikely this will ever be in my area....I live in SD, in the middle of nowere!!!!

bdog81213224d ago

east river or west river
i would be surprised to see
it hit this sh*ty state
not the hills though
love the hills

El_Colombiano3224d ago

I still have high hopes for this.

Bnet3433224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I want to see it succeed but no way will this be relevant seeing as ISP's want to limit peoples bandwidth usage.

pimpmaster3224d ago

why would you want this. as long as you got a good enough pc you can already pirate all the games for free anyways. why would u wana pay monthly and for graphicly inferrior games

Jamescagney3224d ago

This will be interesting to watch. If it succeeds it will have a pretty big impact on gaming.

Redempteur3224d ago

Seriously they failed to impress me with their concept ..

besides it needs a VERY big connexion ..something unaccessible to 98% of the gamers ..

Pandamobile3224d ago

You only need a 5 megabit connection to play in HD. I live in Canada with a 15 megabit connection and it only costs about $40 a month.

Redempteur3224d ago

well that's what they say ...

I take it like the minimum requirement for pc games ... it's too minimum ...

and besides .. for me this kind of internet connexion cost me 80€/month where i live ..

i don't think i'm alone in this situation

Jamescagney3224d ago

80€/month? :o

That's terrible, I thought the UK was bad.

Baka-akaB3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

i'm where he is , and it isnt even some real 5mb . It's advertised as 8mb but can run really from 2.5 to 6 , depending on the network's whim .

So yeah like i've got no confidence in the project , at least as far as it concerns me . It requires a stable connection at a minimum speed that actually many people can't afford or have any access to .

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