GameTrailers Game of the Year 2009: Best Single-Player Campaign

GameTrailers: Which single-player experience rose above the odds to claim the title of best of 2009?

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jammy_703219d ago

if it gets best single player of 09, it has great multiplayer and co-op, sooooo it SHUD get goty..... right?

gaffyh3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Anyone that is seeing the amount of awards that Uncharted 2 is getting and has not gone out and bought a PS3 for the game, or the game itself is an idiot.

You will regret it if you don't play this game.

@1.1 - No I have a feeling MW2 will get GOTY, GT are MAJOR MW2 fanboys. In fact, I'd be very very shocked if they gave it to Uncharted 2.

Saaking3219d ago

Another win for UC2. Keep em coming.

Zaaking3219d ago

Another win for UC2. This is getting boring.... Almost like the only game for PS3.

-Alpha3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

It's called GOTY for a reason. Meaning only one title can hold that position. It's a nearly clean sweep with UC2 ZaaKing ;)

If you are trying to spite SaaKing there are better ways than acting like the complete opposite of him.

Anyways, even though UC2 is a marvelous game I am having trouble choosing between Demon's Souls and UC2... surely there can't be two GOTY titles... dark, depressing, ultra addictive gameplay RPG or vibrant, enthusiastic, action-packed platformer/shooter?

gaffyh3219d ago

@Cold 2000..err.. I mean Zaaking - I can't believe you made a doppleganger account, that's just sad. And you guys call Saaking the biggest fanboy...-_-

colonel1793219d ago

you didn't tell us you had an evil twin.. OMG! o_O

Digitaldude3219d ago

ROFL a Saaking duplicate, shesh someone must hate him ALOT.
Anyway congrats to Uncharted 2, well well deserved. Best SP all year for sure.

bjornbear3219d ago

@ Zaaking

as lame as this is (considering you're either a 12 year old kid of a very sad grown up) it made me laugh =P

Thats why i love (and hate) N4G, you don't get this anywhere else (as far as i'm concerned)

On-topic - he IS right, U2 winning IS getting boring, its almost tooo easy xD KEEP EM COMING

Killjoy30003219d ago

I find it amusing that GT had to throw in their desperate little "though Modern Warfare 2 nipps at Uncharted 2's heels," comment. They just had to sit back and accept the fact that hype isn't everything.

Modern Warfare 2's 5 hour campaign is nowhere near Uncharted 2. Nice try though GT.

cyberwaffles3219d ago

it shows on your bio that you want the 360 version of FXIII even though you also have a ps3. you're a straight up dumb ass lol.

Obama3219d ago

"it shows on your bio that you want the 360 version of FXIII even though you also have a ps3. you're a straight up dumb ass lol."

May be he has a SD TV, loves to swap discs and hates superior products.

SilentNegotiator3219d ago

Uncharted 2 and Batman:AA would both have been great choices.

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SoapShoes3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )


Johnny Rotten3219d ago

not only is this game pure awesome sauce but it also set a new standard of quality for games to come!!

-Alpha3219d ago

I doubt that standard will be reached anytime soon to be perfectly honest. It's such a well rounded game.

I just wish they had planned beforehand to make story mode DLC but at least Multiplayer keeps people around.

iOmegaSeriousi3219d ago

i agree with that, Uncharted 2 have the best campaign that game is the reason why i bought my PS3, oh and FFXIII