Biggest Commercial Failures of 2009

This article looks at some of the biggest commercial failures of the year 2009 across all the major gaming platforms

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Parapraxis3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Wow, that list is actually 100% right IMO.
I agree with every single game listed.
Many of those games are surely great, but if ever there was a list of disappointing final commercial results, these games sure fit the bill.
Kudos to an author who actually makes good judgment, it seems to be a fairly rare thing in the gaming industry.

Neoraf3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

The best snowboarding game of this generation.
Metacritic of 81%
Released this november.
Yet it flopped in sales.

Do you know any friends who played this amazing game? No? Same thing here...
Such a shame.

Stoked:BAE deserved so much more.

Anon19743224d ago

That's Brutal Legend. The game's only been available a couple of months and has already hit 600,000. First off, how long does a game have to be on the market before it's considered a commercial flop? Is it one month? Two? Six? Surely two months isn't long enough to consider it a flop.

Second, in it's two months it's already sold more than half a million. If it breaks that one million mark, that means it's sold more than 90% of the games released.

Give this one a little more time. I'm sure more than a few gamers will wake up to find Brutal Legend under their trees tomorrow. I have no doubt that will pad that 600,000 figure more than a little.

Johnny Rotten3224d ago

That's a pretty good list, metacritic and sales mean nothing when your talking about good games!

Parapraxis3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I'd actually disagree, I think that in most cases metacritic (or rather overall consensus amongst reviewers) and sales do indicate the quality of a game.

It can be weighed more heavily in the favour of positive reviews in most cases, however there are those games which don't get the exposure they need to hit critical mass as a result of poor advertising and poor timing even with stellar reviews.

There is also many examples where a game is not suited to the audience of a given platform.
It's blatantly obvious that the majority of Wii owners have little to no interest in more "hardcore" games, such as MadWorld, The Conduit (poor reviews didn't help this title either) and Dead Space (which should be noted was fantastic, yet didn't do stellar numbers on PS3 or 360 either), likewise, DS owners would much rather play Imagine Babiez than a hand-held GTA game.

Bionic Commando had some very very poor reviews, and on top of that, no demo (aside from UK?), which the more hardcore 360/PS3 owners almost expect.

PS3/360 owners seem to put more wight into reviews, as is shown by the success of Demon' Souls for example, a game which even the makers did not expect to sell so well in NA, but has done quite well even with basically no advertisements.

Brutal Legend features a comedian, which most people 18-30 don't find all that funny and focuses on 80's metal, which is in my opinion possibly some of the cheeziest music ever made.
Brutal Legend also came out at a bad time, just after ODST and on the SAME DAY as Uncharted 2 , and would have done better without Jack Black and on a more open release date.
It would seem that gamers don't really care so much who a character in a game is voiced by (Wolverine, Tranformers, Brutal Legend) But more about the personality, gameplay and style as of course YOU are the character, the characters need to be relateable and not so much a chatterbox avatar that you are listening to.

In most cases good reviews (and sometimes sheer hype) lead to more sales or are indicative of how good sales will be.
But there are those games, such as the ones thin the article, that just have a streak of bad luck (or bad choices made on their behalf). Even though they were expected to do very well.

hobokiller3224d ago

Wouldn't the Metacritic ratings give you an idea of the quality of a game? And yeah I agree that sales don't speak for the quality of some games.

MajestieBeast3224d ago

Tim dropped the ball with brutal legend in my opinion you get the vibe but the gameplay just isnt there. Every segment of gameplay feels incomplete especially the rts part wouldve been more happy with just hack and slash and the driving parts. The story was great in tim schaffer fashion same for the art design. But the game just felt short with no replayabilty or hardly any.

I actually enjoyed Bionic commando:P it didnt feel nearly as broken as i thought it would be the ingame ads were crazy though your swinging and bam you see a nvidia sign... The end of the story was so bad it was funny when super joe explained it i was like wtf kinda drugs were they using when they came up with that i think they smoked away all the profit they made with other games. Lets not talk about the dreads they shouldve kept the original redhead.

LeonSKennedy4Life3224d ago

I really liked Brutal Legend...

Like...I REALLY liked it.

Eiffel3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I think it's a failure due to poor execution with all the hype behind it.

A great game, but not enough love, too much neglect for how it preformed in terms of sales and media reports.

Which is my idea of how the article is getting at. Which follows the same for all the games listed. Quality games but not enough notice or recognition.

Gobot3224d ago

the same thing is going to happen to bayonetta lol

VanHalen3224d ago

I really dont care what anyone says. I enjoyed Bionic Commando very much! Graphics were breathtaking and gameplay was very fun! Dont see why people give this game a hard time. I mean, comon it scored an 8.0 on ign. They are pretty harsh on games too. Its better than you think and most people that bash it have never even played it!

grasshopperboy3224d ago

The whole point is that unfortunately not many people have played it. So a good game or not, it is a commercial failure - a huge one at that.

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