Top 10 Things 360 Owners Want for Christmas

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"So, it's that time of year when Santa comes and brings gamers all the things we want. From gift cards to underwear and controllers to consoles, but there is so much out there that the average gamer can't possibly just walk into a store and buy. There are circumstances where say, a game isn't out yet, which inspires us as gamers to hound the developers or risk sneaking into the studio for a sneak peek. But, in all fairness, I've decided to play this from the angle of what exactly I think all gamers would want for Christmas, I think it the most appropriate because even with mounds of snow, icy roads and nightmarish cold, we all just want to game."

This is a list of the top 10 things that Xbox 360 owners want for Christmas 2009 - chosen by the team at gaming website - everything from HDMI cables to PS3 exclusives!

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Valkyrie833218d ago

Gotta love the PS3 exclusive choice, wow would I love to play that game with my 360 controller and achievements.....nice list!

Kevin ButIer3218d ago

You write: Bonus Item - Uncharted 2 - OK so I know this will never actually happen but if I could choose one Playstation 3 exclusive from 2009 to play on my Xbox 360 it would be this title, from the guys at Naughty Dog. It does says something though that Microsoft has somehow only missed out on one triple-A title for the entire year, well done. If Santa is listening I'll also take God of War III for 2010.

I say: Add to your list ---> Get a PS3... 299

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Bnet3433218d ago

I agree with GEC. People complain about 360 fanboys, but all I'm seeing lately is PS3 fanboys jerk around for no reason. Just hold the urge of hitting the submit comment button. You'll save people a lot of grief. At least stay in the Open Zone or something.

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deadreckoning6663218d ago

Lol, the only way to determine this is to do a survey. I like how PlanetXbox360 knows what the 360 fanbase want without even asking them =D

jellybalboa3218d ago

they want the beast known to them as the ps3, even santas elves and biatches want a ps3, dammit even santa himself wants a ps3

bjornbear3218d ago

However i disagree with DJ hero =/ seriously? Get Forza 3 or smt!

@ the PS3 restraining orders:

As far as I am concerned, this was going on just about when the PS3 was out, except it was the PS3 fans being torn apart by the 360 fans.

Now, the tables turned, and a lot of people that went through that are now just giving it back =)

You get what you give in life, regardless of the form.

In this case, its negative energy being returned as far as I am concerned =)

Still, it is getting stupidly-over-the-top on some articles =/

want to make a change? bubbles,diagrees, and logical arguments

JokesOnYou3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

bjornbear, I love how you act as if there was some point in time when ps3 extremists were being innocently attacked by 360 owners....NO, sony loyalists were so jealous the 360 launched first they spent the entire year bashing anything and everything 360 related saying that ps3 launch would be so much better, blah, blah, blah, we heard it all year, and of course sony's arrogance of "next gen doesn't start until we say so BS" didnt help, the whole year sony folks ate it up, proclaiming ps3 would outsell 360 in 6 months at the time, well we know how that turned out, so stop the BS, fanboys on both sides over-due it with attacks from time to time, but anybody with a shred of common sense can see ps3 fanboys are by far the worst hypocrites in gaming(at least the ones who troll this site).


RockmanII73218d ago

Sure, but I joined this site in July. I have to go through the sh1t in the comments everyday and your excuse is that your getting revenge for something that happened 2 years ago that I didn't do. WTF?

PS learn to let go of a grudge.

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UltimaEnder3218d ago

I agree on the PS3 exclusive, this time last year I thought it would be Killzone 2 but that turned out to be an epic disappointment.....can't win em all Sony

Parapraxis3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Killzone 2 was absolutely fantastic in my opinion.

SlipperyMooseCakes3218d ago

I bought both Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2. I didn't really like Killzone 2 but Uncharted is amazing and blew my mind. Both are solid games, KZ2 just isn't for me.

Parapraxis3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

well said SlipperyMooseCakes,
There's a big difference between what you said and what UltimaEnder said.
He suggested that it wasn't a good game, whereas you said that it wasn't a game suited to your tastes.
I don't care for opera music, but I'm not going to say it is no good. For many it's the best music out there.
Common sense, it's a wondrous thing!

On topic...ish.
If there was a companion PS3 list I'd suggest L4D2 as the "bonus" for PS3 owners, I'd love to play this game on my PS3 with friends.

Ragz0173218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

"I agree on the PS3 exclusive, this time last year I thought it would be Killzone 2 but that turned out to be an epic disappointment.....can't win em all Sony"

Gamespot Competitive Multiplayer of the year
Gamespot Shooter of the year
IGN Shooter of the year..

2mn + copies sold.. epic disappointment eh ?? go play moderncampfare 2 and halo sdtv.. you hate kz2 because you got pwnt in it n you suck at it.. admit it you cod noob..

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Dirk Benedict3218d ago

1.Replacement for RROD 360
2.Replacement for RROD 360
3.Replacement for RROD 360
4.Replacement for RROD 360
5.Replacement for RROD 360
6.Replacement for RROD 360
7.Replacement for RROD 360
8.Replacement for RROD 360
9.Replacement for RROD 360
10.Replacement for RROD 360

That about covers it.

Wrathman3218d ago

how bout that 1 year warranty on the breakstation!!! lol. 2disc drive failures....and 1 refurb for the small price £

the ps3 is so popular they have to release 2 consoles in the space of 3 years just to catch MS xbox360 sales.

thats a laugh.

all 360 users need is an xbox slim bah hahahaha

Vertius3218d ago

I thought a PS3 would be number one! ;)

Anorexorcist3218d ago

But ow, FFXIII certainly shows them that Blu-Ray is better than anything they got left to bargain with.

Main_Street_Saint3218d ago

I'll wait for Final Fantasy 15. Sure to be published on a quad layer Blu-ray disc. It'll be the ultimate FF game: an awesome 30 hours of cinemas and 5 hours of actual game.

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