10° picks 'Borderlands' as their game of the year for 2009

It was a good year for gamers. We finally got to play an excellent Batman game. Triple-A titles such as "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" and "Street Fighter IV" managed to exceed the hype. And some sleeper titles such as "Borderlands," "Scribblenauts," and "Shadow Complex" proved to be worthy franchises in their own right. As we all look ahead to some of the juggernauts of 2010 – "Bioshock 2," "God of War 3," "Halo: Reach" – is happy to report that the games of 2009 gave us all plenty to do this year.

Here's our picks for 2009's best games.

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Darkfiber3223d ago

I don't even know this site but I'm glad they didn't give it to Uncharted 2.

jalen2473223d ago

Borderlands is a great game but there are better games released in 2009.

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