Rumour: Insomniac's Next Game a Multi-Platform, Survival-Horror

Split-Screen: "Insomniac Games first made a reputation for itself with the Spyro series, before moving onto Ratchet & Clank in the Playstation 2 era. It was only natural that people would associate them with cartoonish games but they stunned everyone with Resistance, a gritty sci-fi FPS with surprising elements of horror incorporated into the creature design. It shouldn't be so surprising that Insomniac's next title would be in the same mature vein but interestingly, they're next effort will be going multi-platform."

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PirateThom3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I bet it won't.

Cutting off Sony funding and having to find another publisher?

Be mad.

Elven63221d ago

Why would Sony do that? Insomniac is a independent studio and for Sony to cut funding IF they got multiplatform would be bad for them.

I love Insomniacs work so I'd buy their game.

krouse933221d ago

@1.1 Sony Wouldn't fund a multiplatform game...

Because that would man they would pay for the PS3 and Xbox development

PirateThom3221d ago

Why would Sony fund multiplatform game development when they have X other studios to support?

Darkeyes3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Lol might be M$s big E3 announcement.. After all, they have made it a point to get a PS3 exclusive every year... J/K... I personally feel this won''t happen mainly cause of the support Insomniac gets via Sony... going multi-plat means getting less financial support which can hurt them in the long run...On the other hand, if M$ are willing to throw a bagful of $$, then it's a different situation... Hopefully we will see R3 before this if it ever happens.

Besides, Resistance and Rachet are both Sony owned IPs, so unless Insomniacs working on other projects apart from R3, I doubt we will see a multi-plat from them anytime soon... Anyways, as they say... Time will tell.

kaveti66163221d ago

Sony wouldn't, but the past has shown us that Microsoft has no problem with it.

Elven63221d ago

Sony won't fund it of course but you made it look like they would cut funding for their first party projects all together. I'm sure Insomniac has enough to get a new project started.

deadreckoning6663221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Awesome. The more gamers that get to play Insomniac's games the better. I don't see anythg bad that can come from this. I hope Valve does the same. I've been itchin ta play L4D on my PS3. Btw, does anyone know what ever happened to Dead Nation?

IrishFighter3221d ago

Well if the game is going to be multi-platform then Sony is obviously not going to be the only one funding it if they are going to fund it at all. I'm also sure the company has made enough money from Resistance and the Ratchet and Clank series to help fund a game.

presto7173221d ago

Insomnia has been b!tching so much lately so I cant say I'm shocked. I would have liked them to stay with sony to see if they could pull an uncharted or killzone with one of their franchises. Oh well. whatever....

pain777pas3221d ago

Sad to lose such a good studio exclusively to PS3. If the game is still good who cares though....Am I right?

3221d ago
Carl14123221d ago

They've also said a million times that they have no plans to go multiplatform, due to their relationship with and funding from Sony

SilentNegotiator3221d ago
Quit torturing yourself with these baseless ("According to our sources" is a baseless call for hits) rumors and just get a PS3 if you want to play Insomniac's awesome games.

They could do a great Survival-Horror game. Fall of Man was pretty tense at some points.

hazeblaze3221d ago

Sony DOES NOT fund their games anyway. They only publish the titles... Insomniac is an independent studio.

I don't think they will be going multiplatform anytime soon, but I wouldn't be surprised... You all have not bought their last two games on Sony's platform (they had poor sales)... and they have families to feed, they need to sell games.

Personally, I've bought all four of their games this gen and I look forward to whatever they produce next... multiplatform or not.

sikbeta3221d ago

Is not gonna happen guys, better stay safe and make Sony Publish it, they have full support from Sony, so why they're going to take a risk

Dread3221d ago


why would that be crazy

multiplats make more money

do you really think an insomiac game will not sell like crazy for the 360?

gaffyh3221d ago

Have they just pulled this rumour out of their asses? According to a source...yeah right.

If the game is multiplatform, it is the game that the second studio (that Insomniac set up) is making. That was kinda hinted at a while ago, that it may be multiplat, plus this team has been working on the game since the start of this gen, so they will have had enough development time.

Bush3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

True Sony might cut off funding but look at what happened to Tales of Vesperia M$ funded to make that game exclusivly for the 360 and Namco used the rest of the funding to make it for the PS3 aswell now. Insomniac making a multi plat title I don't mind it might bring in some new ideas for future games but they should also stay true to their roots wich is Sony and the Playstation brand

ChozenWoan3221d ago

PS3 and PSP FTW!!!

Mystery solved. You can all go back to comparing sales and pixels of third party games.

specialguest3221d ago

I just hope they would've had enough experience with the PS3 to not give PS3 gamers an inferior version.

RememberThe3573221d ago

I just hope they don't get published by Activition.

But after seeing how Ratchet and R2 have sold recently, it would make sense for them to got multiplatform. I know it's hard to swallow for some, but R2 didn't sell like it should have and Ratchet is a slow burner.

But, to be honest, I don't really want a survival horror game from them. They're the best at making platformers and they're pretty good at the shooter thing, but survival horror is pushing it.

wxer3221d ago

i dont care about Rumours

Saaking3221d ago

Don't get your hopes up. Insomniac and Sony are VERY close together. If you want to play Insomniac's brilliant games, you'll need a PS3.

jmare3221d ago

Insomniac's games have always been slow burners. So why would they give up their relationship with Sony now?

@ Hazeblaze: YOU are the one who misunderstands. The developer is like an author. The publisher gives the developer money to make the game as an advance, the developer then makes the game, once the game is done, the publisher owns the game and the IP. The reason Insomniac doesn't own any of their games is because Sony funds and publishes them.

Insomniac has been very loyal to Sony. I find it very hard to believe that they would go multiplatform unless it's the North Carolina studio which is supposed to be making smaller games. Those I could see going multi, but not Insomniac's main games.

Zaaking3221d ago

Don't get your hopes up. Insomniac and Sony are not as close together anymore. If you want to play Insomniac's brilliant games, you'll soon be able to on your 360.

8thnightvolley3221d ago

i dont think u are right.. sony indeed has funded a multiplat game.. remember.. ghostbusters.? ya.. published by sony...

RememberThe3573221d ago

Games cost more to make now days, that might be one of the reasons. I have no doubt Insomniac will keep making games for Sony, in fact I don't really believe the rumor at all, I just would be surprised if it came true.

STK0263221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

while clearly unlikely to happen, they could pull it off. They could always go to EA for a publisher, the marketing would probably be better than with Sony (no offense, but marketing hasn'T really been Sony's strong point so far). Bioware, which had a strong relationship with MS (not as close as IG with Sony) are now with EA, they still have a good relation with MS, but they've also released DA:O on PS3. They might stay loyal to Sony, but I doubt it's a money issue, since a talented developer like IG could easily find a publisher willing to spend the amount of cash sony is spending on them. Mostly since IG has been able to release one game a year, it would be very attractive for a publisher like Activision or EA, who like having one game a year.

Also, while a 360 only developer going multiplatform will likely have to hire additional staff to comprehend how the PS3 works and how to use it to its full potential (or at the very least, to have multiplatform games run as well as they do on the 360, since most 3rd party studios seem to be aiming at that, while they could do more), a PS3 only dev going multi will have less difficulty having their games run on the 360 hardware, thanks to it's PC architecture. Considering IG has never really pushed the PS3 (their games are nice looking, but nothing exceptional, the gameplay is where it's at, and that's the way it should always be), they could likely make a multiplatform game without having to make too much sacrifice for either version of the game.

btw, yes, I'm on N4G minutes before midnight on Christmas Eve. I also just got back from work. So yes, my Christmas sucked this year lol.

RockmanII73221d ago

I assume you are some Saaking wannabe? Just give up now, he comments an average of 2 times every 3 hours, and does it month after month. Plus if any 360 fanboy comments that much sh1t, they'd be down to one bubble in no time and then no one would even bother reading your comments. And another thing, what are you trying to prove? Are you trying to be a troll just to annoy people or are you trying to get revenge on Saaking for some reason? If your just a troll, go get a life. If you are trying to get revenge on the PS3 fanboys, it's not worth your time (Just click 'ignore' tab right under their avatar).

ThanatosDMC3221d ago

It could be PS3 and PSP? Those are two different platforms. But not that i care as long as it they deliver.

cyberwaffles3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

gold is right. insomniac would just get another publisher for a multiplatform title such as activision, ubisoft, EA, etc. sony publishes ratchet games because they're exclusive and they own the IP.

either way, color me interested. i always look forward to an insomniac game. can't wait for resistance 3. now that i think about it, maybe this survival/horror rumor is for resistance 3?

EDIT: @deadreckoning

dead nation is suppose to be out early next year :) can't for that game. i was thinking about getting zombie apocalypse since the demo was fun, but the gameplay in dead nation looks a lot more rewarding and fun.

zeeshan3220d ago

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they ever decide to go multiplatform. They work exclusively for Sony but there has to be a contract that binds them to do so. This contract/understanding can't last forever y'know. They want to stay independant and do not want to sell their assets to Sony and they also started a new studio in North Carolina.

The money that they now spend on each game is almost equal to Hollywood movies. Now when they have another development studio, it must be costing them even more money. I am just saying that there are enough reasons for Insomniac to go Multiplatform but if they are sticking to SONY, then there must be a great deal behind all this. Perhaps they really do love Playstation 3 and seeing how Naughty Dogs just killed any competition, perhaps they want to take full advantage of the more powerful console and deliver a stunning new iP. Perhaps, it's the Sony's support that is keeping them stick to Sony or it could be all of those and some more things to go along.

I would want to see them stay a Sony exclusive developer but if they do decide to go multiplatform, that's okay. It's better these developers stay in business then go out of it.

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Microsoft HQ3221d ago

Sony would never do that! well maybe, they care first and mostly about there 1st part studios, which we have none of, but we also toss the money bags at studios and they always bite!!! Valve we love you too!!!

Anorexorcist3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 were the biggest flops of this generation...Insomniac...They' re the developers of Resistance right?...They are making a multi-platform title...Oh YAY YAY!!! Their next game will own all PS3 users!!!"

(Oh I lost a bubble. Well that certainly means that the delusional xbots are the primary loser source within N4G or that means that the moderators themselves are Xbot idiots and hate to hear the truth and reality of the regular Xbot's activity. It's one or the other!!!)

gtamike1233221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

You do know workers left Microsoft to make the game comapany called Valve...
Valve games like Half Life are better on PC anyway with all the mods and FREE maps made by public. (yes even left 4 dead 1/2 new free maps)

InFAMOUS13221d ago

Considering they are independant it can happen. However it won't be their NEXT game.. R3 will be out fall 2010. IF and I mean IF they go multiplat it wont be till 2011, and I can see them possibly publishing it themselves to see if they can actually become like Bethesda. Sony won't fund the project if its mulit and microsoft wont and something tells me Insomniac arent really into the greed of Activision or the little less greedy EA.


ohhh just look what happened ps3 fangirls!!
Your all "powerfull" company might release a multi plat!

WHY u say?
simple! If they do, their games are going to sell more on the 360 which means more money for them!!! It sounds wicked but its true!!
Just look at big multi plats.

AC2 and MW2 sold way more on the 360!

But put ya head up ya ps3 fangirl!
you guys can still play "great games" like Unfarted 2 or chicken lil oh i mean lil big planet!!!

talltony3221d ago

Wait you mean multiplatform games sold better on a system with a higher install base? No way! Oh and btw assasins creed actually has a higher attach rate on ps3 and mw2 was advertised as almost a 360 exclusive and almost matched the attach rate of the ps3 version.

Snake Raiser3221d ago

[email protected] They could do it, but i'm buying this blog (note it's a blog). They say they have sources, but why would these sources only work for a blog? Do IGN, Gamespot, Gametrailers and the others not have any sources in Insomniac? Why would ONLY a blog find out about this when nobody else does? You know people like IGN have "sources" in every big gaming company. They would have found out about this at least before a blog could.


dont get it twisted here sir! It doesnt matter how high or low the install base is! Just look at Halo combat evolved! It sold a whole grip, and wayyy more than any ps2 game at the moment, when the ps2 installbase is waaaay more than the original xbox! The same happened with Halo 2!

And AC2 and MW2 sold more on the 360 period!! And dont give me none of that bs that MW2 was mostly a 360 game because of its advertisement! Just look at COD4 it sold way more on the 360 as well! What do you say about that???

shut your trap dude. And give me serious talk!

talltony3220d ago

Dude are you that lacking in common sense? Halo is like the only exception and we are talkin about multiplatform games for crying out loud! So you think that 360's 6 million console lead had nothing to do with any of these multiplatform games selling more on it? Seriously don't talk to me because it is obvious you lack common sense. You think all those mw2 commercials as if it was a 360 exclusive did nothing to boost sales!? WTF
Good day sir! I hope you ask for common sense for Christmas next year cause you so obviously don't have it this year. If you want to talk about exclusives vs. Exclusive sales well that's an entirely different story.
I'm out!

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nogolis3221d ago

We've heard these rumors for how long now? I'm 100% positive they will go multi next generation but right now no way. They have too much money invested in Sony development to walk away from it and split their earnings on new hardware development. It'd be stupid, this late in the game, to shift focus or even attempt to do so. While Ted Price and Co might wish to develop for the xbox 360 and pray for the day they can financially, right now they're shoe horned in with Ps3 development until something new comes along that they can get at cost and jump right into.

Xbox development would be foolish for them as a company right now. They are an established Sony brand, 3rd party or not, and their name won't resonate with the xbox consumer so late in the game. Again, I won't be surprised if they opt for xbox development on the next console cycle just not this one.

Kalowest3221d ago

You make alot of good points, but i know alot of 360 owners that love Insomniac, and will buy their games.

-EvoAnubis-3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I actually would be shocked. Insomniac has a great relationship with Sony and I don't see them feeling the need to change that. They have NEVER, in their entire company history, made a game for a non-Sony platform. EVER. Could that change? It's possible. Is it likely? Not even remotely.

nogolis3221d ago

To be fair to all parties involved here; did you ever think Rare would leave Nintendo? More over, to have Nintendo usher them out the door so quickly? I didn't. Anything can happen and, if anything, we've seen Sony making strides in alot of different area's as of late. What was/is good now might not fit the business model of Insomniac next cycle. Same for Sony. Insomniac might not be good business for Sony next cycle and they can opt out of publishing their IP. We do knot that Sony owns the rights to a great deal of Insomniacs work but that doesn't stop Insomniac from making a new Ip, the rumored Survival horror game we've been hearing about for sometime, and shopping it around.

It's going to be interesting that's for sure.

MGOelite3221d ago

man i hate it when sites say someone is doing something outside there current MO and only evidence they give are "our sources"