1UP System Scorecard

1UP writes:

"We sit at the end of another whirlwind year for gaming. With all the current systems having firmly established themselves, 2009 was a year of refinements, a year for squeezing more power out of the available hardware, both in terms of software and in terms of core system features. Big franchises shored up their market dominance with big sequels, while indie developers nipped at their heels with daring experiments. Some games surprised us, some gave us exactly what we wanted, and some gave us what we expected even though we wish they hadn't."

"With all the highest-profile games having already arrived, now would be a good time to take a look back at the year, to talk about how each system sold, which games struck a chord with players and reviewers, and what new features added value to the hardware."

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Parapraxis3221d ago

1up possibly has the stupidest group of commenters on all of the internets.
I guess 1ups fanbase is directly correalated to the quality of the site itself. I used to visit ages ago, but now I can't tolerate it for more than 5 minutes. All of the half decent writers are gone and it seems it has been flooded with moronic fanboys.
So sad 1up, so sad.
Maybe write some more intelligent articles and you can shake off some of your ignorant followers.