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Like many of those who are likely reading this now, I grew up as a gamer. I was born, raised, and obtained my lifeblood through video games and the industry. While not as old as many in the industry, I still remember programming little games on the Commodore64, tweaking my autoexec.bat and config.sys for hours on end to get games like Dune2 and the old SSI games running right. I remember hating it when Command & Conquer moved to Windows 95 because it lost its cool install animation. I remember more oddities about the gaming industry than most people my age, but less than some of my best friends in the industry...

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Diselage4743d ago

Nice look at what qualities games bring to the table. There is research that supports that gamers are better at problem solving but the study didn't prove whether people who are good at problem solving play games or if people are good at solving problems because they play games.

Caxtus7504742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

yeah maybe....or maybe its cos we realise it is just a game. PErsonally i think "overcoming obstacles" is a tad deep/...It is fun...and we enjoy it but we know its a game and 99.9% of us would NEVER kill anything (bar the odd insect :P). We know its a game and know its wrong in RL.

I agree with the rest of what he is saying though.