Console Wars Round 6: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3 (User Interface)

The wait is over, round 6 is finally here, and TechnoBuffalo users get to see it first. In this edition of the Console Wars LP covers the user interface of both consoles in a grueling match that narrowly has a winner. We still have 6 rounds left to go, and it's looking like this series is going to come down to the wire. Do you agree with this round? Who do you think is going to win the entire thing?

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forcefullpower3221d ago

Really like thier videos. And they are pretty unbiased on content. Thought they might have given the point to MS on the interface. But after his talk I can see why he gave it to the PS3. Will be curious on there next one about the interface.

Kimbo Slice3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

thats why i love techbuffalo its very informative and not a hint of bias

oh CNET how stupid does this site make you look and feel?

deadpoole3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

That CPU and GPU comparison videos ... It clearly shows that multiplatform games can look better on PS3 ... its evidently developers are stingy ba$tards and dont want to shell extra money for PS3 version. They are simply porting Xbox 360 version to PS3 without using SPU what they are designed for.

SaiyanFury3221d ago

I've gone through both systems' GUIs. Personally, I prefer the PS3s XMB. Things are laid out logically and grouped equally as well. I found things on the 360's GUI kind of ambiguous. I found myself searching through the various selections and it took me a bit to find the system settings. On the PS3's XMB, the system settings encompass a branch itself. Maybe it's just me, but I like the PS3's GUI over the 360's. Just a personal interpretation. Other people no doubt, find more favour in the 360's GUI.

Lifendz3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Guy explained why blu-ray matters for more than cutscenes, the rigors of programming on the PS3 compared to 360 but the results you can get if you put in the work.

User interface is really a matter of opinion, no?

whoelse3221d ago

Despite only owning a PS3, I cannot knock the NXE interface as it is so visually impressive, and I think this is the big thing that Sony need to catch up on.

Shadowolf3221d ago

No matter how you swing it TechBuffalo does a very thorough job of explaining the pros and cons for all their console war topics. It seems very clear all bias are laid aside and the more professional approach is extended in video breakdowns. A very reliable tech site.

avengers19783221d ago

If the PS3 does not over take the 360 in sales by the end of 2010 then it most likely won't. I would be surprised if it didn't though, PS3 has clearly built up alot of momentum going into 10.

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INC NATE21313221d ago

I prefer the nxe of the media bar, just becuase nxe does look way nicer and not as boring but the media bar does run quicker but not by much. I also prefer the nxe because of ingame tracks and cross game chat. but both are great in their own way!

kewlkat0073221d ago

Sony has added to it here and there but the more stuff they add the longer the menus get scrolling all the way down on some of the busier menus..

NXE looks more user friendly since everything is a large Icon from left-to-right.

I think asking someone that has never seen or used either could give you a fresh opinion on the interfaces.

PSNTomaz3221d ago

The only section on the PS3 where there are alot of menu selections is the settings section? and its still way easier to access settings than doing it on NXE.

Platinum_k3221d ago

lots of tech words in there...

Immortal3213221d ago

just as long as no one gets confuse between opinions and facts

kneon3221d ago

N4G definitions of the day

Opinion - what everyone else says

Fact - what ever I say :)

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