Wiikly WiiWare Wiiview: Happy Holidays Christmas, TV Show King 2, Pallurikio, and Eco Shooter

Go! Gaming Giant takes a look at this weeks WiiWare games in this installement of Wiikly WiiWare Wiiview.

"Welcome to another installment of Wiikly WiiWare Wiiview. The games this week are Happy Holidays: Christmas, TV Show King 2, Pallurikio, and Eco Shooter: Plant 530. There's a little bit of something for everyone nice, everyone naughty, and everyone in between. We are particularly excited to bring you our TV Show King 2 review this week, but let's start off with the download that made me die a little on the inside."

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omicron0094733d ago

you gotta love crappy holiday games

Murgatroyd74732d ago

It's not even a crappy's a crappy card maker! Bleh. TV Show King 2 is pretty awesome, though.