Halo 3 will help BlackSite sell, online multiplayer demo on its way

BlackSite is a first-person shooter. It's out in September. Most people would say it's been sent to die against Bungie's mighty Halo three-quel, but according to lead campaign designer Ricardo Bare, Halo 3 will actually help sales of Midway's shooter.

Mdway also confirmed to CVG this afternoon that a new PS3 and Xbox 360 demo will be arriving ahead of release, including a new campaign level and online multiplayer.

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TnS5156d ago

Can't wait to get the multiplayer demo. :)

omansteveo5156d ago

Same here i loved the demo bring on MP

dissectionalrr5156d ago

i liked the single player demo as well, aside from framerate issues. the graphics were top notch, and once again better than any ps3 fps (atleast the one that it has). whoever thinks halo3 isn't going to bury this game from the start is burying their head in the sand, though.

Premonition5156d ago

Nice to hear about the MP coming soon, should be pretty cool.

soccerstar5156d ago

this game is terrible i played the demo and it has easily got to be one of the worst shooters i have ever played

frostbite065156d ago

I agree, but im always willing to try it again if they fixed it up and the multiplayer is fun. I think that was also an old build.

fjtorres5156d ago

So it is theoretically possible the Area 51 could benefit.
But it sure sounds risky...
They really should've tried for july/august...

time2die5156d ago (Edited 5156d ago )

I also downloaded the demo about a month ago and thought this game was really bad.
Nothing about this game makes me excited about the prospect of getting it,I have seen better fps from years ago on inferiour systems that slaughter this game.

I know its only a demo but its reflected on what you will expect when this trash gets released.

After playing the demo which lasts all of 5 minutes i hit the delete button..


I see there is a couple of people that think the demo and game was exciting,Each to there own but i must add that you have terrible taste in fps if you think this game is really good.

Have you ever played games like Half life 2 or even black on the inferior playstation 2 hardware.

Goldeneye on the nintendo 64 and even the mighty turok dinasaur hunter from 8 years ago walk all over this game.

I would not buy this game if it was £4.99 in a bargin bin an a gamestore..And this game will flop bigtime,Not only is the game crap they are releasing it along side Halo3...Another over hyped game based on the beta i played.

Halo3 is ten times better than this crap but it still looks like halo2.

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The story is too old to be commented.