Top Gaming Figures of 2009

PlayTm writes: "It takes billions (probably) of people to keep the wheels of the games industry turning. At this reflective time of year we like to sit back, relaxing mug of mulled wine in hand, and remind ourselves how enormously grateful we are to all the hard-working artists, designers, producers, suits and publishers that keep our fingers on pads and our bodies indoors for so much of the year. Then we do the logical thing and compile a list of fifteen of our favourite movers and shakers in the industry. Like you do."

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GWAVE3219d ago

"Definitive! Definitive!"

Turn 10's execs take the take for talking up a s#!tstorm of PR, not delivering on it, and then not having the media call them out on it.

Darkeyes3219d ago

Has anything that Patcher has predicted this year come true apart from the obvious stuff (like MW2 selling millions and Sony Dominating after Slim)????

How can he be a 'Top figure of 2009' when he only throws sh!t at walls hoping something might stick.

GWAVE3219d ago

See, you're absolutely correct. Pachter is a joke, yet the media still leans on his opinion. That right there should clue you in that the gaming media itself is a joke.