WoW 3.3.0 Introduced Pre-Cataclysm Tremors?

Fans have started to report sighting of tremors or little earthquakes anywhere and randomly around Azeroth either outdoor or inside dungeons.

Could this be heralding the upcoming pre-Cataclysm world event?

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Maticus3225d ago

That would be simply awesome. I must admit, I haven't noticed this myself, but it would be epic.

Leord3225d ago

Yeah, I haven't noticed it either, but it's very nice they think about this sort of details!

Cogo3225d ago

Might be quite rare, and they increase in frequency closer and closer to expansion...

Perjoss3225d ago

I have logged into WoW around 10 times over the last few weeks but I cant bring myself to play, I have sadly lost interest. Its nice to say hello to old guild friends and catch up with what has been going on in the world (of warcraft). Hopefully when Cataclysm hits I can get back into it full swing, for fun! as I dont care much for all this carrot on a stick gameplay of having to upgrade equipment all the time.

Hopefully in Cata I can just start a gnome holy priest and have some fun in 'new' zones :)

Leord3225d ago

Oh, that's really cool :)

Like they did with SW harbour!

Cogo3225d ago

Precursor events are always nice, it makes the whole game world more alive.

Medievaldragon3225d ago

I am certain the Twilight Hammer will somehow be involved in this upcoming world event. If we are to trust the WoW comic book.

creeping judas3225d ago

And that is why some of us don't mind paying for MMO's, because of these amazing things the developers keep doing!!

Perjoss3225d ago

I remember in the dark ages when I used to play Evequest, the GM's used to take control of some of the monsters (it was not announced and it was in a random zone), people would come from far away zones to fight them, it would usually take several people to bring them down and there were nice rewards. It didnt happen too often which is what made it quite special.

NiteX3225d ago

I would love to see NPCs running around screaming THE END IS NEAR! I hope Blizz does something with the people freaking out.

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